Thursday, April 14, 2011


SONG #19: "Long Long Time" by Guy Forsyth.

This is one of those songs that appeared somehow on my iTunes. It's also one of my very favorites. So thanks, iTunes ghost!

So really this is a song about frustration with American and capitalism and big business, but it goes so well here because there's something angrily nostalgic and at the same time a little hopeful about it. And it works really well between Not Just Sometimes But Always and Song #20 (the last song!) which are both more serious. It's also a song about coping with bullshit, frankly. And that's relevant on a personal level for Chase the same way it is on a national level in the song.

This is a really exhilarating scene in the book, and I think this works really well.

Also, it's an amazing song.


I remember listening to songs about trains and feeling the rush of wonder
At the possibility that the world was infinite and accessible all at the same time.
And then it was songs about highways and born to be wild and little red corvette
And the road went on forever in my mind.
But now it's clogged bumper to bumper with stinking SUVs and two-story pickup trucks that can drive over anything except the two-story pickup truck right in front of it.
Not even the highways look the same, Starbucks and 7-elevens and Walmarts jam the feeder roads.
We don't live around this mess, we live under it.

It's been a long long long long long long long long long long long long time
It's been a long long long long long long long long long long long long time
Since I felt fine.


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18) "Not Just Sometimes But Always" by Idlewild
19) "Long Long Time" by Guy Forsyth