Monday, March 28, 2011


SONG #1: "Turn Up The Sun" by Oasis.

The first song on my playlists has to set the mood. Which usually means that it needs a really great intro.

There are few songs with better intros than "Turn Up The Sun."

I started listening to Oasis when I was about fourteen, and this was the first song of theirs I knew. I heard about it on a music blog I used to read, and it said that there was one correct way and one correct way only to listen to this song.

The advice was:

--Wait for a sunny day.

--Find a door, preferably a set of sturdy double doors, that you can push through to get outside. Something like the front doors at a school or the lobby of a theater.

--Get it as dark as you can inside.

--Put your headphones in.

--Count 37 steps back from the doors. Stand there. Press play.

--Slowly walk forwards. One step per second.

--At 37 steps/37 seconds, push those doors open and step out into the sun.

I don't blame you if you don't actually do that. I didn't. I still haven't. But every time I listen to the beginning of this song, I feel like I'm doing it anyway. I feel the dark and then the doors thrown open and the sun beating down like an attack. I feel grungy and grimy and I taste like sunscreen.

It's that good.

SAMPLE LYRIC: Yeah it's not about the lyrics.



I'm sticking to the sheets with sweat, and the smell of Noah's sandals attacks my face. It is so summer.

At home, we each get our own rooms, but here, Noah and I share, even though there are enough rooms for us each to have our own. Part of the feeling of summer depends on waking up when he wakes up, or putting on a shirt gritty with sand and sunscreen that might not even be mine.

--p. 14.


Vee said...

Those blog instructions are the best. I love that there are people out there who love songs enough to think stuff like that up. It's so bloody brilliant :)

Also. This song is brilliant. And so is your writing. I'm so excited for Invincible Summer :D

Liz Czukas said...

Seriously, you've never done the instructions? How have you resisted thus far? I'm going to go do it right now.

- Liz

hannah said...

Liz DO IT and tell me how it is. If only I had doors like that at my disposal.

And aw, Vee! <3

Becca C. said...

Have you listened to Beady Eye? It's Liam Gallagher and most of Oasis under a new name and their album is FREAKING BRILLIANT. It's the album the Beatles never made.

I love this song :)

ashelynn sanford said...

I LOVE THE OASIS. My graduation song was Wonderwall, which seems dumb, but it made me *extremely* happy.

I am so doing those instructions... once I find doubles door like that.

hannah said...

ooh, Becca, I haven't. I'm still all scrunchy about the breakup.

Ashelynn--that's a great song. It was on my playlist for a trunked book.

All Adither said...

Must install double doors in my house now, so I can shove through them like that.

hannah said...

And there are SO MANY songs that would be improved by a good set of double doors.

Deniz Bevan said...

Hmm, I'll have to try that. Love Oasis! Well, mostly Noel. All those wonderful bsides that he sang...

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I didn't do the whole push open the door thing, but I get it. That feeling was there when I listened to this and I'm a little ashamed that I'm not all that familiar with this song. I know Oasis. I like Oasis just fine. But I've never really sat down and listened to this song.