Sunday, December 27, 2009


Sorry for abandoning you guys over the holidays. Hope you had a lovely time.

Sorry also for those of you who have emailed me and are still waiting for a response. I will write back, I promise.

I've starting working on a new project--not a book--and I'm having a good time with it. You can follow me on twitter if you want to track my crashing-and-burning process, because essentially I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.

Anyone have anything exciting happening in the New Year? I have a book going out on submission in a few weeks (hopefully!) I'm psyched.


Nadine said...

Good luck with your new project and very exciting your book is going out on submission!

My New Year excitement is a trip to Japan in Feb. Yay! And hopefully finally getting an agent. But at least the Japan trip is a sure thing.

Awriter said...

Happy New Year Hannah and good luck on your new project!

Jill Wheeler said...

Good luck with your new book! I've followed you a bit on AW and am happy I found your blog!