Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Money, Meet Mouth

Thanks for the comments, you kids rock.

Here's how we're going to put this new READER'S INITIATIVE thing into actions.

Between now and...whenever I decide, we're going to have TWENTY QUESTIONS WITH HANNAH here on the blog. Ask me anything you want--personal, professional, serious, funny, as many questions as you want. Just try and make them interesting? (if you answer me a question I get in every interview, I'm prolly going to give you the canned answer I give in every interview. I'm sorry, it's not personal, it's just there's only so many ways to tell the truth.)

So ya. Post them in the comments. Whatever you want to know. And if it's legal, I'll answer. Aaaaaaand go.

Edit--just to clarify, I'll be answering in a separate post once this one's collected enough comments. So HURRY UP. just kidding. kinda.


Beth G. said...

Yeah, I'm a Net stalker ;)

Random questions:
1) At the moment, would you prefer to write for adults or YAs?
2) Are you sick of writing for YA?
3) What do your parents think of the "content" (gahhh, what a horrible, prissy word) of "Break", i.e. swearing and stuff?

Misty said...

Ok, I think I started asking elsewhere, but WTF~ I'm up for asking again in the correct forum. Do you worry about sharing your writing? I'm not sure what the hard and fast rules are on sharing your manuscript, but I've got a friend who molts whenever I suggest putting an excerpt out on the internet. She is sure people will snatch it up and whore it out and I will be left penniless AND bereft of manuscript rights or something. So, can you spill on the proper pimping protocol of an unpublished, unagented, completely naked of rights novel?
Yours, M. Provencher

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

Why do you hate Brown? DETAILS PLZ. :)

Raven said...


1.) What's your favorite color? (boring question, I know)

2.) How do you feel about YA books today compared to YA books in the past?

3.) Do you think there needs to be more edgy, true-to teenage life, f-bomb dropping books or do you think writers should continue to sugarcoat things?

4.) What's you favorite song at the moment?

5.) Have you always been a fast writer?

MBee said...

1)If you could have one writer, dead or alive, read and critique your work, who would it be and why?

2)ooh and how about if they made a movie about your journey/success, who would you want to play you? :)

Kristin said...

So I know that your novel-that-hasn't-sold-yet, THESE HUMANS ALL SUCK, is kind of quirky speculative fiction. What's the difference, for you, between writing this kind of YA and contemporary? And which do you like better? And why?

Beth G. said...

Another one! Sorry!

4) Could you give us a kind of outline of your favourite books that-you-haven't-sold-yet, like THESE HUMANS ALL SUCK and a couple of others? Whenever I read about you mentioning them, I'm always curious :P.

Misty said...

Hey, if Beth can squeak in another one, I figured I'd throw mine in too! When you are hammering out a story at the speed of lightening, I'd like to know what's going through your mind. Are you just putting down whatever comes to mind and riding the wave or are you writing carefully from a well-thought outline in your head (or on paper)? What is your energy is like? Urgent or mellow? How much do you edit your rough draft and when do you abandon? Do you feel that you edit your work to it's satisfying optimum or do you get scrambled at some point and feel like you aren't sure anymore if it is better or worse for the pen lashes? Do you struggle with tuning in on some of your characters? If a character is giving you a hard time, how do you get them clearer? Oh my~ I think I've overasked my welcome.

Gary Couzens said...

1) Are there any themes or subjects in particular you feel you cannot tackle or feel very uncomfortable in doing so?

2) You've written about gay males more than once. Any plans for a lesbian or bisexual female protagonist/major character?

misty said...

Hey Hannah girl,
Not to split the hairs even splittier, but I'm wondering about allowing people to read your full, finished manuscript. How do you choose readers? Do you just do the shot gun method and let everybody and their brother have a read if they'd like or are you selective? I struggle with having friends read my stuff because if they like it, I'm always wondering if they are just being kind and if they don't like it, then I'm sure they're right! Yikes. Where do you go for an honest read or do you just rely on your own instincts?

misty said...

Thank you thank you thank you Hannah!!!

hannah said...

Hey misty--I have a writer's group, and whoever's available there usually reads for me--generally three or four of them for each manuscript. We all have different things going on in our lives and different interests in what we read, so I get a different (can I say the word difference a few more times?) group of people every time. I expect criticism and advice from them.

My best friend also reads, but to be honest, he does it only to stroke my ego, and any advice he gives me I rarely (basically never) take seriously. It's very nice of him to read, and I love hearing what he *likes* but honestly, I'm very hesitant about taking advice from people who aren't soaked in the business. He doesn't know what's selling or what techniques I'm using, you know? He only knows what he likes. And that's great when he doesn't like something, and it's helpful to draw my eye to problem areas, but I don't weigh his advice nearly as heavily as I do that from writers, editors, my agent.

So I'd say I'm pretty selective.