Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've been putting off writing the next scene in All Together With Feeling because it's...well...intense. I have to be honest--it's going to be the most frightening and graphic scene I've ever written. And if you know my writing, you know that's saying something.

I'm worried it only seems so intense because I haven't written it yet. There are so many times, especially in 1st drafts, when I do something halfway because I'm afraid of going through with this. In this scene in particular, there are a million places I could back out and make the scene less than what it needs to be. I just hope I don't take any of those opportunities.

I'm going to try it tonight, I think.

I just don't know how to say it.

Ever had a similar problem? How did you push through and write a scene that scared you?


Awriter said...

I've had scenes like that. Yup. And I've left it for a few days but I knew I had to get back to it because it's kind of like itchy fingers I had to write that story then, so I held my breath(not literally of course) and typed out that sucker the way I had in my mind. I didn't almost take an escape route but it wouldn't have fit nicely so I deleted the escape route part and continued on.
It took a few tries to get my scene right though.

Good luck Hannah


Anonymous said...

I was like that with my current WIP. It took me months just to work up the courage to start it.


Anonymous said...

sometimes i get scared to write a scene, because i know how i want it to feel, and i worry i won't write it well enough to convey the power/emotions/intensity i'm imagining.

Amber said...

I'm not afraid to write the intense scenes so much as conveying the scene with realistic emotions. I'm weird. I can write about anything (like rape or something), and not feel afraid of it. The only thing I'm afraid of is the realism. I had a rape scene in one novel that I had to constantly re-write because it was happening too fast.