Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm not sure I've ever written this slowly in my life. I'm back to working on All Together With Feeling, and I'm getting like 100 words done a day. It's ridiculous. I used to be able to write 100 words in fifteen minutes. Hopefully this is just a phase?

Let's not beat around the bush. The problem is the Sims. Oh my God, the Sims. I have a Sim who's a novelist and she is so much more productive than I am. And I give her books really dirty titles. (Thought I was mature for an eighteen year old? Naaaah.)

Just over two months until Break comes out. I can't believe it's so soon! Thanks so much to everyone who's mentioned me in their blogs. I adore you. I adore the free publicity, but I adore you even more.

Oh dear God. My boyfriend and my best friend just opened the refrigerator and everything fell out.

My boyfriend is now singing Bye Bye Birdie.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sorry the writing is going slow...I know what you mean. My friend and I have decided to be each other's motivators to write a certain amount each week so we can get farther in our writing.


Awriter said...

Sorry to hear that the writing is going slowly, it really does suck when that happens.I've just broken through my writing slowly stage, for me if was a certain chapter that I was writing that seemed to be going on forever because I couldn't hit out the amount of words I usually can in a day (rather inbetween classes)

Anyways, the sims are totally and completely addictive, I've spent countless hours playing on sims when I should have been doing other things ;)

Ps Good luck writing, and thanks for answering my questions although I know I must be rather annoying.