Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Very Excited About This

EDIT: AAAAND WE'RE CLOSED. Thanks everyone!

So. I have this thing. Look at it!

It's an arc of GONE, GONE, GONE! (and here it is all snuggled with the rest)...

In case you've missed it or you're new here (in which case hey I'm hannah what up have some pizza), GONE, GONE, GONE is my 2012 YA coming out with Simon Pulse.

I don't like to pick favorites, but...I really like this book.

You can check out the official blurb right here, on the back of the book: (click to make it bigger!)

But I should say a little about it, right?

GONE, GONE, GONE is one of my very favorite things I've written. It's about love and guns and lots of other ugly little things. It is dark and quiet and it is also really damn jubilant, if you ask me. It has my favorite narrator I've ever written in the form of this weird, passionate, awkward insomniac named Craig, and one of my favorite characters in Lio, who is maybe the character I've put through the most shit, ever, but is also ridiculously well-adjusted.

Also there are parents! They are present! And they are good parents!

And of course there are siblings, because it is one of my books.

Anyway. I hope you like it because I really do.


Usually, when I get my two arcs from Simon Pulse, I keep one for my greedy little self and give one away to someone on the blog.

But why give it away to one person when I can give it to all of you??

That's right, fishies...WE'RE HAVING AN ARC TOUR.

And guess what? This book doesn't start until April 17th, 2012, but if you guys help me out, you can have this damn thing really, really soon.

Here's the deal.

YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER IF: You are in the U.S. or Canada, you are a book blogger, and you promise to review this book. (NOTE: My definition of "book blogger" is pretty lenient. If you have a blog where you will review my book, you're in.)

To get into the tour, you need to comment on this post telling me that you've done both of two things:

1. Added GONE, GONE, GONE on Goodreads. Right here.


Yeah, that's kinda gross, I realize. But chick's gotta eat. Just comment and be like "yeah, I bought that shit." It counts, obviously, if you ordered it and it's on its way. It counts, obviously, if you order/buy it as a response to this post.

(But hannah, can't we just lie and tell you we bought it if we hadn't? Yeah, you can, d-bag.)

I want to give each of you a week with the book, which means the first 50 people to comment are in. U.S. and Canada only, sorry, it's just not fair to make someone else pay the postage to get it to you, internationals. I love you dearly.

If 50 people don't enter, no problem! I'll close this after a week and send the book out however many weeks before release. So if 20 people enter, I'll send it to the first person 20 weeks before release. So if you want it now, tell your friends! The more people, the sooner you get it. EDIT: If I get enough entries, I'll consider extending the tour through a month or so after it comes out.

I'll organize it geographically, so the closest person to College Park, MD will get it first, you lucky dog. LEAVE YOUR CITY AND STATE in your comment, and later I will make you email me your address and I will pass it along to the person before you in the tour. Hopefully I will not fuck this up. I promise not to give your address to weird people.

So yes, you'll have a week to get the book, read it, and send it to the next person. I'll send to the first person, the last person will send it back to me. If you drop the ball and lose my arc, you will be BLACKLISTED FROM EXISTENCE. You don't want that.

Important note, worth repeating: YOU MUST REVIEW THIS BOOK, whether or not you like it. But! Please DO NOT post this review on your blog until a month or two before release date. But PLEASE PLEASE rate it, and even review it! on Goodreads or Librarything or wherever the fuck (but Goodreads, please, I'm a Goodreads ho) as soon as possible after you finish it. I need the buzz, kay? Let's grassroots this shit.

Any questions, PLEASE hit me up either in the comments or on twitter (@hannahmosk). Aaaand go!


BrittLit said...

Brittany Moore, Definitely already added this shit on goodreads and I not only bought one copy I bought 3 so take that. (Tilton NEW HAMPSHIRE)

Tara said...

UH yes I'd love to participate! It's been on my GR shelf for a whileeeee and my copy of INVINCIBLE SUMMER is sitting 4,000 miles away on my desk!

Tallahassee, Florida :)

Another Book Junkie said...

Umm, chyeah. On both. Also, <3

Springfield, MO

Jynn said...

I do live in the US, but... I'm not a book blogger, so I'm not sure that I'd qualify. My compromise, of sorts: I promise that if I get this, I will review this book. I have a blog, just not a review blog, and I have Goodreads so I can review it there. BUT if you think that this should go instead to someone with an actual review blog, I will gracefully bow out and let someone else take my place. I live in Edinburg, Texas (near as far to the south as you can go without hitting Mexico). I've bought and read Invincible Summer. And I just added Gone, Gone, Gone on Goodreads (not actually sure why I hadn't yet). And... I think that's it?

Angie said...

Unfortunately I'm not a book blogger, but it does sound awesome. LOVE the cover too!!

hannah said...

Jynn--you're good. My definition of book blogger is fairly leniant, I'll edit the post. Basically if you have a blog where you will review the book, you're good.

Charlie said...

Why don't I live in the U.S or Canada?
I hate my life.

Erin said...

So exciting! Love the cover and the blurb. And the ARC tour!

1. Done. Easy.

2. I've got the copy of IS that I won from you, so here's the plan. When I post my review of IS (within the next week-ish), it will include a giveaway in which I will send the winner a copy of IS through The Book Depository. That counts, right? I'm buying a copy, just giving it to someone else because I already have one.

Hope that works! Thanks! Erin - Sterling Heights, Michigan

fletch8502 at yahoo dot com

Quitting My Day Job

hannah said...

Erin that counts like whoa. That counts like twenty times.

April said...

I'd love to read it! I'm picking up IS this week. Can't wait. =D

NYC, New York

Pam Harris said...

So cool! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I bought Invincible Summer last week, and I've added Gone, Gone, Gone. :)

Carrollton, VA

Weechagirl said...

I've been waiting for this book since you first started talking about it! cant wait.
1. It has been on my tbr list on goodreads for a few weeks.
2. Done. :)

And I will definitely spread the love around about this book. From Goodreads to Twitter to Tumblr to all my publishing peeps at school.

After September I will be in Anaheim, California.



Jess said...

Well, OBVS I'm in. AND you know where I live. :P

~M.A.CHASE said...

1. Donee :D

2. Yeshh. On it's wayy.


hannah said...

M.A. Chase--city/state, babe?

Lindsay said...

am i the first Canadian to comment?? where are the others?? ;)

1. totally added.

2. totally bought, but you knew that. ;)

Surrey, British Columbia

Lindsay :)

Janelle Alexander said...

Hey, Hannah! Sign me up! I'm not a reviewer, but I have a blog. And I'll review it on Goodreads. :o)

I have a super-special (sexy) signed copy of IS (as you know), but I also bought it to give away (as you also know). :o)

Anywho, I'm in LA, CA (wow. Giving you a lot of info you already have...) and can't wait to read it, provided, of course, I count! :o) xoxo

Linda said...

I added Gone, Gone, Gone on Goodreads awhile back and also bought Invincible Summer on its release day :)

Show Low, AZ

traceyhansenwrites said...

Already bought and read IS and Break.

Added GGG on goodreads.

my site is www.traceyhansenwrites.com and I will gladly do a review of ggg!

traceyhansenwrites@yahoo.com is my email

Cape Coral, FL is where I be at!

Jamie Manning said...

I so added Gone, Gone, Gone, and I definitely bought Invincible Summer (can't wait to read it!). Would love to be on the ARC tour!

And I'm in Brewton, Alabama...so you need some southern support!

Jeremy West said...

Oh know I've already done all that shiz! I just want GGG!
I'm in SC. And you know my blog. My email is jeremywest91@gmail.com.

Kari (Flamingo1325) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

Ahhhh me!!! I already bought IS.. and added GGG the day it was put on Goodreads. MEEEE!


And Im in TX. =D

~M.A.CHASE said...

Hannah: Miami, FL

hannah said...

great, thanks!

~M.A.CHASE said...

No problem :D

Weechagirl said...

Hate to be a bother but depending on when the book is sent out I will be moved to NYC (Nov-ish).

Also, email is weecha22 (at) aol (dot) com.

Thanks so much!

Kelsey said...

What an awesome opportunity :)

I added it on Goodreads already and just placed my order for IS on Amazon. Yay!

Kelsey (NJ)

Rachael said...

I added it on good reads and I bought IS. Plus I just started a book review blog, and my email is rachael432@gmail.com.

And I'm in Chicago, IL.

Kate Larkindale said...

Awwww.... Why do I have to live so far away? Oh well. Next time.

Loren Chase said...

1. Done!

2. Just ordered it from Amazon:)


Cleveland, Ohio :D

Jacob said...

1. Done.

2. Just ordered it. #exciting

alaskasbluecitrus12 @ gmail. com

San Antonio, Texas

ABookVacation said...

1. Done
2. Just ordered from Amazon. Yay!

Shana @ A Book Vacation



Catonsville, Maryland -- WHOOT!

hannah said...


Becca C. said...


I have it on Goodreads, and I also bought Invincible Summer :)

Don't you just love me?!

hannah said...

I totally do. Now WHERE DO YOU LIVE WOMAN.

hannah said...

nvm I stalked you a little.

Becca C. said...

Oh, and I live in Brackendale, BC, Canada. Sigh... that's far.

hannah said...

pshh, you're good. shipping costs the same, it's just an issue of getting it to/from you quickly enough.

Anonymous said...

MY PERSONAL SHINING STAR! Hannah, I really need GGG. Like BBBad. Cool? Okay good. I obvs bought Invincible Summer and I added Gone, Gone, Gone to my ferocious Goodreads list.
Much love,
Kelsey Rae Dickson

PS You are 20 now.

PPS I live in College Station, TX and my email is kelseyrdickson@gmail.com

~Sara said...


have done both of what you have required! Will even give away a copy of IS when I get my review up.

I'm In Manitoba Canada.

Miranda White said...

OMG Yes. Please. Done and done. (I've been meaning to order IS for weeks, and this post prompted me to get off my lazy bum and do it.) And I will absolutely blog a review once I've read it. Heck, I'll probably do one for IS, too.

Home address is in West Yarmouth, MA, where I will likely still be a year from now. (Sad but true for a soon-to-be college grad.)

E-mail is demonesquewriter@gmail.com

Nora Coon said...

Done and SO DONE. Already reviewed IS, and I would love to review this book.

I live in Portland, Oregon and my email is nora.e.coon@gmail.com

Nicole Lorenz said...

Oh hell yes I want in on this! And I just bought IS and added Gone, Gone, Gone on Goodreads in the past week.

My email is nicolelorenz@gmail.com and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Kelley said...

Not entering, but did buy INVINCIBLE SUMMER and just finished it, oh, twenty minutes ago. Uh-may-zing!

Ellen Brickley said...

Fab idea - I'm in Ireland so can't enter, looking forward to buying it next year anyway :) and reading the reviews! Just finished Invincible Summer and I loved it.

hannah said...

Kelley and Ellen--thank you so much!

That's 28, guys! We can do 22 more!

Jamie B said...

Sign me up! I'll review for GotYA and I bought and Goodread-ed, so I qualify.

thebloodfiend said...

Technically, I never bought Invincible Summer(I had an ARC). But I'm not entering the contest. Just wanted to say congratulations. I'll probably pick this up later because I can't guarantee that I would read it that quickly.

Al said...

added and bought!!

Al said...

oops! Canton, GA *I was worried there were 49 comments*

hannah said...

Thank you, Cory!

Jamie and Al, I need your locations!

hannah said...

Gotcha :) a lot of these comments aren't entries, don't worry! There's room. You're #30.

allison said...

Hope you don't have too many people yet! Added on Goodreads, bought IS the day it was released and have reviewed both your books on Goodreads and my blog.

Memphis, TN // allison@allisonwrites.com

Lydia Sharp said...

Maybe I'm too late to get in on this, but I'll show my love anyway.

Yes, I have a blog in which I can post a review. This is not my writer's blog, it's an actual book blog:

(I've been writing reviews for that blog since '09.)


And you know I've already read and rated BREAK. And love it. I even gave away a copy of it on my writer's blog recently.


(currently reading it, actually)

Wait, what else do you need.... *checking*

You already have my city/state/real name/etc, but here it is again anyway:

Brunswick, OHIO

email: lydiasharp4sff (at) yahoo (dot) com

Did I forget anything? I'm kind of having a book tizzy at the moment, just thinking about reading this....

hannah said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me. Bought Invincible Summer last week. Just added GONE, GONE, GONE on goodreads. I can review on goodreads and my blog. My e-mail is egaska@comcast.net and my location is Albuquerque, NM. My blog is http://storieswithliz.blogspot.com/ (Forgive me it's very new. I do intend on reviewing a ton of YA.)

sassysam2121 said...

Sweet!!! I'd love to read and review Gone, Gone, Gone!
My book blog is http://sassysam2121-sassysshelf.blogspot.com/

I have Invincible Summer, I told you that over on @SebastianRunes.

I live in Gastonia, NC. That's right outside of Charlotte.

Email- srkrueger@yahoo.com

Jamie Kline said...

I would love to participate!! I have ordered Invincible Summer and Gone, Gone, Gone sounds awesome! I would be honored to read and review it!

My book review blog is Bookerella

I live in Rose Hill, KS

Jamie Kline

TwilightsDance said...

I would love to take part!

I have done both requirements and you can find a review for Invincible Summer on the blog.

Im Yara with Once Upon a Twilight blog
at www.onceuponatwilight.com
email: onceupontwilight(at)live.com

Im located in New Caney,TX

Anti-Drug Reads said...

Ahhhh! I'd LOVE to take part in this. OMG YES YES YES! :D

Of course I've done both things needed. I loved Invincible Summer, and YOU as an author!

I am Cory Kaaukai from Los Angelas, California.
blog: http://antidrugreads.blogspot.com
email: cory.kaaukai(at)gmail.com

Alley Of Books said...

I was going to enter. But then I realized I'll be in Florence for all of the Fall. Oh well. Another Hannah book I'll have to wait to read!



hannah said...

Mitali--I'm sure you can snag an arc somehow :)

starryeyedjen said...

Oh my gosh, I love this idea! This makes you so cool in my book. I totally want in! :)

I've added the book to my tbr list on goodreads and I'll be purchasing Invincible Summer for my nook when I get home today. It's been on my tbr list for awhile, and this has just given me the push I needed to get it read. :)

I just started my own book blog (http://starryeyedrevue.blogspot.com/) but I've been reviewing on goodreads for a little while now. Please consider me for this arc tour if there's still room. Thanks!


christwriter said...

Done both, and this shall be rather fun.

Fair warning though, I've been told when it comes to reviews I can be a bitch.

(Ah, who am I kidding. I AM a bitch. Brass bound. In desperate need of redeeming qualities.)

Oh, and I live in Rockport, TX. Might I be included if there is still room?

hannah said...

chrstwriter--absolutely! I love bitches.

starryeyedjen--just emailed you to find out your city/state...please don't forget to give me this, guys!

Jamie B said...

I'm in North Canton, Ohio.

jamiewrites@sbcglobal.net if you need to reach me.

Tabitha Michelle said...

Done and Done!
I live in Paragould, AR


fakesteph said...

Am I too late?? I bought IS for my kindle, and joined Good Reads just to add your books. I feel a new addiction beginning. :)

I live in Los Angeles, CA.


hannah said...

You are so not too late!

Eliza said...

I want in! Added GGG to Goodreads, bought (and devoured) IS. My review blog is in the planning stages (thebooktramp.com --nothing there yet, launching as soon as my Masters degree is complete this summer) and will usually feature two books that have something to do with each other: same subject, same cover photo, same author. I could totally do a two-fer with IS and GGG.

hannah said...

Eliza--city and state, please?

Eliza said...

Vancouver, Washington

hannah said...

Great, thank you!

MBee said...

WOO! I'm down!

1) Looks like I added it to my to-read shelf in February!

2) Just bought my kindle version of IS! Squee!

3) I don't normally do typical reviews (more of a q&a with the author) but I like you! I like your work! I will work hard to make it a review that doesn't give away more than it should! heh. So yes, I do have a blog & I pimp it in several places twice a week: http://keystrokesandwordcounts.blogspot.com/

4) Manchester, NJ (normally sad that it's NJ and not England, but since this has to be a 50 states bit, I'm happpppy!) :D

/wow..that's a lot of exclamation points....

twizzlerowl said...

i havent gotten to IS on my long long long list of to-read/to-buy books, so i won't be entering.

BUT i am in YALSA, where we read ARCs and review them and vote for the year's Teen Top Ten. so, do you think whenever your publisher begins distributing GONE GONE GONE ARCs, they could send one or two to my YALSA group at Spruill Oaks here in Georgia?

plz reply in a tweet to @neonorange00


Fiktshun said...

If there's still room I'm in!

1) Had Gx3 on my Goodreads TBR for ages.

2) Downloaded the eBook from Amazon for IS on release date.

3) Happy to hold off review on the blog until closer to release date, but will totally post it on Goodreads asap.

I'm in Santa Monica, CA



hannah said...

you're in!

Mandie Baxter said...

Still space open? I have a blog, gone, gone, gone has been on my good reads and I bought is the day it came out!
Dothan, al
Amandazagar at gmail dot com

hannah said...

yep, you're in!

MBee said...

Oops I did not add an email address. I will do so to make your life easier :D

marybeth.mulhall@gmail.com (squee! this totally makes up for my all around crappy day)