Friday, May 6, 2011

GONE, GONE, GONE's Travel Schedule!

Thank you so much everyone who signed up! I am mega, mega excited to get this thing out!

A few notes:

1) I assigned everyone a week that goes from Wednesday to Wednesday. I'm putting it in the mail on Monday so it will hopefully arrive to person #1 on time. It would be great if you could get it in the mail before Wednesday as well. This leads to point #2.

2) Don't freak out about the dates. They're more so we have an order than anything. This is not the army. Nothing is set in stone. Things happen, I understand! People get sick, people have birthdays, the mail takes longer than it logically should, etc. etc. If you need another day or two, go for it. If the book doesn't get to you by the assigned date, wait a few days before you freak out. Just email me and keep me abreast (teehee) of what's going on. I have the tour ending two weeks before the book comes out, so we have a lot of extra days to play with. It's all good.

That being said! If you look at this list and go "oh shit I'm on vacay that week/am getting my brain replaced/am getting my mailbox taken in for a tune-up" let me know and I'll switch you with the person before/after you. Which is easy becaaaause:

3) Everything was determined geographically. That's how the order was worked out. I tried to take the order that people signed up into account, but it very rarely made much of a difference (and thanks to the cruel world, the person who signed up first is getting it last. I'm totally sorry!). But the order of who gets it in Ohio first was decided by who entered first. Same as the people in LA. (Not Texas. You guys were just "how can I not go back and forth across the state a zillion times." Who knows how I did.)

I did it this way so the book can get from place to place as quickly as possible.

So now! A few rules!

1) You know this one already: rate (and review, if you like) on Goodreads ASAP, hold off on blog stuff until March or April. You are now OBLIGATED to review, fishies, even if you hate the damn thing. Tell us WHY you hate it. Tell us in excruciating detail.

2) If you lose it, I will starve you while you watch the other fish gobble up all the fish flakes that should be yours.

3) As soon as you read this blog post, email me. I WILL start tracking you down if necessary, but that'll make me cranky.

PLEEEEEEEEASE put the week you are getting the book in the subject line of your email.


Your real name (and do let me know what name I have you under, so I can streamline everything)
Your address
The URL of your blog.

I don't care if I already have this info, send it again.

As soon as I get your address, I will give you (if I have it) the address of the person who comes after you. I won't give out your address until the person I'm giving it to has given me theirs, k? So everything's fair and all. Try not to lose the email with the address, but I'll have them all on file, so don't freak out.

4) Write in it. Yep. I want a note at the beginning or the end. It can say something about the book or it can just say hi or it can say something dirty (preferred). I want you to slip photos or drawings between the cover and the title page for everyone else (and me!) to see. I will write a little letter in it for you before it goes out! Return the favor. Make me smile when I get it back.

Oh, one last thing! If you are not on the list and you have no idea why not, let me know. Also if you're on it twice, because I'm really not all that smart.


May 11th-May 18th: A Book Vacation
May 18th-May 25th: Pam Harris
June 1st-June 8th: sassysam
June 8th-June 15th: Jeremy West
June 15th-June 22nd: Al
June 22nd-June 29th: Tara
June 29th-July 8th: Tracey Hansen
July 6th-July 13th: M.A. Chase
July 13th-July 20th: Jamie Manning
July 20th-July 27th: Mandie Baxter
July 27th-August 3rd: Allison
August 3rd-August 10th: Another Book Junkie
August 10th-August 17th: Christwriter
August 17th-August 24th: Tabitha Michelle
August 24th-August 31st: Kari
August 31st-September 7th: Kelsey (TX)
September 7th-September 14th: Yara
September 14th-September 21st: Jeanette Bruce
September 21st-September 28th: Jacob
September 28th-October 5th: Liz
October 5th-October 12th: Linda
October 12th-October 19th: Janelle Alexander
October 19th-October 26th: Cory
October 26th-November 2nd: fakesteph
November 2nd-November 9th: Fiktshun
November 9th-November 16th: Nora Coon
November 16th-November 23rd: Eliza
November 23rd-November 30th: Lindsay
November 30th-December 7th: Becca C.
December 7th-December 14th: Sara (Manitoba)
December 14th-December 21st: Nicole Loren
December 21st-December 28th: Jamie Kline
December 28th-January 4th: Rachael
January 4th-January 11th: Erin Thomas
January 11th-January 18th: Erin (Michigan)
January 18th-January 25th: Loren Chase
January 25th-February 1st: Jamie B. (OH)
February 1st-February 8th: Lydia Brunswick
February 8th-February 15th: Amanda Sage
February 15th-February 22nd: Jess Tudor
February 22nd-February 29th: Kelsey (NJ)
February 29th-March 7th: Mbee
March 7th-March 14th: April
March 14th-March 21st: Weechagirl
March 21st-March 28th: Miranda White
March 28th-April 4th: Brittany Moore
April 4th-forever: Hannah Moskowitz


BrittLit said...

Cruel cruel fate ;) *shakes fist in air* DAMN YOU GEOGRAPHY! ;)

hannah said...

I KNOW. I feel horrible.

Josin L. McQuein said...

What an awesome turnout! Congrats, Hannah!

hannah said...

thank you!!

Derek Whisman said...

This is brilliant! If I had known about this, I totally would have signed up. And I probably would have put in a drawing of Hannah-Tron just because :P

But alas, I've been away for a while now and missed all this. Oh well, I'm excited for all the participants, and for you, Hannah. Great idea.

hannah said...


starryeyedjen said...

just emailed you...prolly rambled a lot. you should expect this when you devise such an amazing plan. :)

Lydia Sharp said...

Yesssss!!!! I was so hoping you'd let us contribute inappropriate fanfare. I'm almost as excited to see what people add to the book as I am to read the book itself, especially since I'm near the end. This is beyond cool. You rock my world.