Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello hello hello I am an ARC of INVINCIBLE SUMMER.


The problem is that I (now I'm hannah again) only have TWO of these. And I get to keep one, because I wrote this book and that's the kind of shit I get to do.

So there is only ONE available.

Here are some reasons you want this ARC.

1. It is uncorrected, meaning there is an entire page that is all in italics for no discernible reason.

2. Possibly the worst paragraph I've ever written somehow survived for this long and is on page 18 of this ARC. It will not be in the final version. I crossed it off and wrote "what the fuck?" next to it.

3. If you don't get this exact ARC, chances are very good that you will have to wait until April 19th, 2011 which, let's face it, is a long time from now.

4. I will sign it, obviously.

5. According to the back cover copy, this book is pretty awesome. "Across four sun-kissed drama-drenched summers at his family's beach house, Chase tries to come to grips with his family's slow dissolution while also finding himself in a chaotic love triangle, pitted against his own brother in pursuit of the girl next door. Invincible Summer is a gritty, sexy, page-turning read from a talented teenaged author that readers won't want to miss."

6. This exact ARC has been BETWEEN MY LEGS.

So. Here is how to enter.


1. You are a follower of this blog. Don't make me check up on you, bitches. Here in hannahland we use the honor system. This rule is purely because I want more followers. At least I'm honest.

2. You will review INVINCIBLE SUMMER somewhere. Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, Librarything, Shelfari, your own blog, whatever catches your fancy. And dude, if you hate it, give it a bad review. I just want the name out there. ARCs are for reviews, you know?


1. Comment telling me your own reasons why you desperately desperately need this ARC. The more ridiculous the better. Make shit up. Be hilarious.

2. None of that +1 for retweeting shit. I don't have time for that. Do it for good karma.

3. And the winner is going to be chosen by a random number generator. Yeah, your stories are worthless. I'm just bored.

The contest starts RIGHT NOW and will close in two weeks, on JULY 17TH, 2010. I'll try to mail it out to you soon after that.

You can enter no matter where you are in the world, 'cause I love you bitches. Oh, and obviously one entry per person. Don't make me come down there.

UPDATE: If this contest has over 100 entries, I'll randomly pick another winner for a signed copy of BREAK!



Molly said...

I want to read IS because stalking you on Twitter is NOT enough for me. I NEED TO READ a copy of something that you have TOUCHED. I also desperately need IS because... Ahhhhcrap I'm out. I need IS because I believe it will give me a decentass sense of imagination, so that I can bullcrastinate and say, "MOM, I HAVE THE ONLY COPY! I HAVE TO READ IT RIGHT NOW!" :)

Suzanne Young said...

Hells yeah I want this!! I mean... it's been between your legs!!!!!

russetpomme said...


I want this ARC because the cover is hot, and I have Break so I want the complete Hannah Moskowitz collection. Plus, I just ate a bowl of wind with waffles on top so you know, I want the UNCORRECTED version.

Larissa said...

I need this ARC because my kids are playing with the last of the toilet paper. Unfortunately, I'm not making that shit up.

lchardesty at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I want it because I need the escape - I live in a house with 5 boys (okay one is a dog and the other is a cat) but there are still 3 boys - the hubby and the kids so I need something for me, just me. Okay - I can't tell my hubby it's been between your legs because then he might want it. Is that a little TMI? He he - actually I just found your blog and find you hilarious so I really want the arc!

althrasher said...



#1 I just stole a bookshelf and I need books for it.

#2 BREAK has been pining because it has the most Jewish last name on my shelf. It is lonely. It needs a Moskowitz friend.

#3 The wind here is hot fudge syrup. And by fudge I mean oil. IT NEEDS SOME ICE CREAM.

#4 I need to be sure, in person, that I can tell the butt from the boob.

#5 By 2011, the floaters that drive me crazy may actually TAKE OVER MY EYEBALLS and I will be unable to read IS until it comes out in Braille. BRAILLE. That could be FOREVER.


IDGS said...

I want it so that years from now, as you run down the red carpet arm in arm with the hunk-of-the-day, I can hold it up from the crowd screaming "HANNAH, I'M PREGNANT!"

Jordan Brooks said...

I want this ARC because I believe that I have read every other book known to man! :)


Unknown said...

I like Suzanne's reason myself...I just think the book looks freakin awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on this F'ing book...and I'd prefer it if I could read it before it comes out...even if the unedited version looks like shit...just go ahead and ship it to me!

Anonymous said...

I want to read because you told me on twitter that I wanted it. Yes THAT is my reason. GIMME.

Lena1xoxo said...

I want this arc so I can stare at the girl on the cover and feel like shit. It doesn't matter how many crunches I do, my body will never look like that.

Screw actually wanting to read the book and having it on my TBR list. It's the cover. I'm a masochist. I like checking out girls with hot bods and hating myself for eating that whole carton of Ben and Jerry. I hear self pity is in this season.



Anna Scanlon said...

#1 As you can see by my constant tweets to you, I am totally obsessed with you.

#2 I accidentally didn't shave my armpits today so I have a couple of scragglers.

#3 My dog will not stop licking his paws and the sound is driving me insane (he's been checked by a vet so don't kill me...I'm not ignoring him!). I need a distraction.

#4 I've never read any of your books. I'm a starving writer about to turn writer and PhD student--so I want a book for free. AND NO I CAN'T JUST GO TO THE LIBRARY? What is this?!

#5 The lady above me gives opera lessons to some really bad singers. And the guy that lives behind me thinks he's in the Temptations, but I think he failed to realize they broke up and he sucks. So this means I need a copy of IS to distract me.

#6 I'm half-Jewish. All of my books by Jews are about the Holocaust. I need something a little cheerier.

#7 After watching your videos, I wish you were my friend in real life. Except maybe I'd be creepy because I think you're awesome.

Bottom line- GIVE IT!

Anna Scanlon (down[the]rabbithole)

PS- Do I get your "What the fuck?" note if I win?

Megan said...

I NEED this ARC b/c if I can't have an agent or a book deal right now, then at least having ARCs will make me feel all official and publishing insider-y.

The name is Ashelynn said...

I don't need this ARC, I just want it. Although...the whole singing it may just bump it up to me needing this ARC.


Okay. Fine. I need this ARC. Give it to me already, will ya?

Unknown said...

Why do I need Invincible Summer, I absolutely adore Break and so did my sister. So you get not one, but two readers from this ARC. Another reason is that we don't have real beaches in Washington, so I need to read about beaches in books. Another reason is that I need Invinicible Summer, is that I have always wanted to learn sign language, so this book may encourage me to do so. I also need Invincible Summer, because the cover is gorgeous. The fact that the ARC has been between your legs is just a plus.

Bianca said...

I want to read this book because, well, I LOVE THE SOUND OF IT? If this isn't enough my bookshelf wants to have that book sitting at the very top of it!

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

DK Whisman said...

I must have this book. Forget everyone above and below this comment. You MUST focus in solely on this comment here. Have you forgotten the others yet? Now? How about now?

Hannah, seeing as how I am responsible for the beautiful artwork that is "HannahTRON" I must now see just what is so invincible about this summer. Could it be more invincible than HannahTRON? IMPOSSIBLE!

If so, I must study this summer's ways, learn them, and adapt them to build a better, stronger, faster HannahTRON. Fail to pick me, and I will wait till the book comes out, study it that way, and sink HannahTRONsummer on you immediately.


The name is Ashelynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynne Kelly said...

I want it for the "What the fuck" paragraph.

Plus, I used to teach sign language, so it'll be fun to look for mistakes, put a grade on it, and send it back to you.

Anonymous said...

I need this book because secretly I'm hoping you're going to do one of those special one-of-a-kind annotated behind-the-scenes copies.

But even if you don't, I will love it ;)

hannah moskowitz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoe said...

I want the ARC because let's face it, life doesn't get much better than sitting on your butt and reading a Hannah Moskowitz book.

I also want to read the paragraph that you don't want readers to read. What can I say? I'm pretty badass like that.

Elissa J. Hoole said...

I want this ARC because middle school students keep stealing all my books, basically. Including FOUR copies (so far) of BREAK. (don't worry, I'll buy more.) *shakes fist at middle school students* *accidentally leaves a certain finger up while doing it* (what? I'm on summer vacation. there really aren't any middle schoolers in my house! (yet)

oh, and obviously because it's summer vacation. I need books.

Unknown said...

I need this book because the gentle flutter of its pages and the sheen of its sexy cover arouse me, and I hope to sate my lust in its pages, moaning until I come across your name in the header.

Let's be honest. You want this to happen as badly as I do.

Cheyanne said...

I need this ARC so I can read that horrible paragraph.

I'd review it all over the interwebs. And I'd talk a lot of shit about that bad paragraph.

Crumbtious Cakes said...

I want this Arc because up until 30 seconds a ago I didn't even know what the hell an Arc is.
I'm an AW member, but apparently am not learning anything since I didn't know what an Arc was, or that you are even a writer.
Love to have this Arc because I won't buy break because it only comes in a little tiny pocket book, I hate little tiny pocket books and refuse to by the, however, this looks like a normal size book that will fit nicely on my shelf.
I would like very much to add an Arc to my 3000 book library in my fancy billion dollar mansion.
And lastly but not least, I just want to read this freakin ARC!!!!

#1Nana said...

Reason why I should win the ARC:

1. I am 59 years old. If I don't start reading YA now, I will soon be too old.

2. I've never seen an ARC. Before I die, I should hold one and read one and have it for my very own .

3. I need to get caught up with what you young people are thinking. Like WTF was that book doing between your legs young lady?

Chanelle said...

Erm I totally need this book. Why? Only to help me achieve a life long dream of achieving world peace...

Oh and hell yeah will I review it.

amy said...

I want this arc so wellington doesn't get it, because frankly I'm a little icked out by the idea of his spoo all over your name. ;)

bookaholic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachele Alpine said...

Oh, oh, I want this! I think I should get it because I teach a student named Hannah Moskowitz and I'll make sure she reads it after me...and I'll review it and recommend it to my entire high school. The kids who have read BREAK would die to have this early!

Dani. said...

Hannah I need this book. Break was amazing.
Aaaaaand, once on Twitter when I was deciding between Break and another book (I dont remember which at given time), you helped me make the right choice by buying Break. Buuuuuuuut, you also said that because of my decision I would find $5 on a sidewalk and sadly that never came true, so I'm thinking you can repay me by me winning this book:p

Plus, the cover is gorgeous and it says "what the fuck" in it in pen- AWESOME! :)

Alainn said...

1. I love random formatting and find italics very pretty.

2. If I don't get the arc I am going to have to copy that paragraph into my own copy. That's right, THAT paragraph.

3. You know I am obsessed with you. I have like half a dozen shady-manuscripts on my computer that I reread all the time.

4. I am reading Fishboy or #magicgayfish RIGHT NOW.

5. I am willing to share. Just saying.

6. Blogspot ate my post and I retyped it all WORD FOR WORD.

7. ALLCAPS!!!!!

bookaholic said...

I WANT this ARC because...
# It's SUMMER! And what better way to celebrate it than read a book with summer in the title? *lame enough?*
# The ARC wants to be on my bookshelf...I can hear it!
# My eyes want to go over that uncorrected sexy italics passage(I find italics very sexy...*perv much?*)!
# I love the beach!
# I love black! Its my favorite color and the bikini is black in color! WOOT!!
# Besides,I cant wait till April 2011! Who knows? I might even die by that time!
# A book that fits inbetween my legs! Wow! That will be such a great form of exercise,don't you think?
# I have been reading a lot of paranormal lately and have to return to the normal world! This ARC seems to be a great way to do it!
# I deserve the book! Hell yeah I do. Why? Cos I felt in love with the cover and the content! You wont separate me from my love,will you? *big,innocent eyes*
# And did I mention I would be out-of-the-world-happy if I win the ARC? And wouldn't you want to give me a little bit of happiness? Spread love!

Courtney Rae said...

Why do I NEED this ARC of Invincible Summer? Because I aspire to be you when I "grow up", Hannah. Having that one uncorrected ARC would be my biggest dream coming true.
I would be able to say "Hannah had this ARC between her legs! She touched these pages with her own perfect skin." (That sounds creepy...)
"These words came from her mind!"
This ARC also has where you wrote "What the fuck".
Seriously. THAT. IS. FUCKING. AWESOME. Just, ya know, saying.
Majorly amazing.
If I don't get this ARC, I will have to wait until NEXT. YEAR. I will die if I have to wait. You don't want to be responsible for the death of some creepy stalker, would you?
I don't know, maybe you would.
Anyway, my point is. I look up to you. (Seriously.) And to have that book... Wow. Just, wow. *happy sigh*

All (half) joking aside. You. Are. Fucking. Awesome.
But I'm pretty sure you already know that.

--Courtney Rae--

Maggie said...

I want to read IS because i just finished reading BREAK and now I'm hungry for more books by you. I also really want to read that awful paragraph so I can make fun of you later hahahahah. No, I'm kidding, I would never do that. :)

cat hellisen said...

I want this arc because the wind is icecream.


Unknown said...

ok - here it goes. I MuSt have this ARC because:

1) I am twice your age and fought to win your advice on my query because your greatness is beyond measure, and ageless.

2) It will fit right next to my copy of Break, which I have already reviewed :)

c) I am all about good karma... spread it!

3a.) I have to read what's on page 18 as proof that even you, Miss H. can write really crappy stuff. (We won't believes it until we sees it.)


Congrats on your successes with this and your two new MGs. You rock. :)

hannah moskowitz said...

I should probably clarify--this is not where i crossed it out and wrote WTF. those were in my other edits that I handed in to my publisher of the proofs of these pages. BUT. i will happily cross the offending paragraph out and write WTF if the person in question chooses.

also, I'll even post the paragraph after the ARC is out so you can all enjoy. because I love you all that much.

let's just say, as a preview, that THE WIND IS ICE CREAM.

Amy Lukavics said...

I want this book because I have yet to read BREAK and am fucking DYING to find out what all the damned Hannah Hype is about (or not about.) I will for sure be honest to blog. You dislike THIRTEEN REASONS WHY and I loved it so I am more than a little curious to read a story by you.

Oh, and my YA collection sadly only consists of about six books. That is quite unacceptable, but I keep blowing my money on Xbox stuff and candy.

Karla Calalang said...

I want this book because iloveyousomuch and your writing is amazing! And I am dying for your signature because iloveyousomuch.

So I hope I win!

Linda said...

So I can take a DNA sample and clone you. So maybe you could lick it for me?

Also if I don't win this ARC then it is possible that I might just die and then I will never be able to read Invincible Summer. That would just be sad.

I really really really want this book. Really.

Christine Fonseca said...

Dude, count me in! I want the ARC cuz on my BEST DAY I never looked as good as that cover looks...and man, I need the escape of a great read. And yeah, April is WAY TOO LONG TO WAIT!!!

Cool? Cool!

Amna said...

I find the cover sexually stimulating.

Oh wait, we were supposed to come up with something?

Sarah said...

I only want it if you lick it...

Lynsey Newton said...

OMG you're hilarious and I'm so glad I found your blog. I've not heard of the book before but it sounds like it's my kind of book. To be honest, I don't desperately need this ARC but I WANT it!

I don't have room on my shelves for it so I would have a legitimate excuse to go out and buy new ones!

I could also use the book as inspiration to diet (love the cover)

Also, I can't stand waiting for a book to be released, it drives me insane.

I agree with another commenter - if we win, do we get the "WTF?" note?


Raven M said...

Man. That cover is so damn sexy. I don't have anything as hot as that cover on my bookshelf, plus I really really really really really really really really really want to read it.

Break was amazing and I really want to be able to say that I read Hannah Moskowitz's second novel before the rest of the world did (though there are people out there that have probably read it already)

But yeah, I just want bragging rights.

Robby said...

I want to read Invincible Summer because, though I am not attracted to girls, the first thing I thought of when I saw the cover was "Wow." Is that you? I bet its you.
I want to read Invincible Summer because you wrote it and I love you and the title is great and it will be great and They're Great! (You know, like Frosted Flakes. Get it?)
I know you get it.
I want to read it because it's been between your legs.

Man, this comment is creepy and NOT a good representation of myself as a person.
I am definately going to click the pos button now.

Tura Lura said...

Now I'm glad I didn't comment when I first saw this post. (In my defense, I was half asleep!)

These comments have both brightened my day and creeped me the hell out! ^_^

Oh! And I really, really, REALLY want to read this book!!

Samantha said...

I want to read Invincible Summer because I'm having a summer that is decidedly not invincible. Friends are busy, boyfriend's gone to some summer singing program, grandma has cancer and I have to help out with her a lot, and oh yeah, I should be working on my portfolio so I can actually go to college.
Awesome. Not.
And apparently I've been transported to the late nineties when it is appropriate to say "Not" after every sarcastic statement.
Basically I'm seventeen and bored as hell. And I deserve your book. For free, because I don't have a job because I've been spending a lot of time with my grandma.

Julie said...

I NEED this ARC because I've got huge plans for turning this into a Broadway musical. The sooner I get a copy the better. Mia Michaels is going to do all the choreography. Justin Bieber will sing. This show will make you millions.

Sherry said...

I want this ARC because I want the crossed off What the fuck paragraph and I seriously cant wait until April! Aprils a long freaking ways away. I don't have patience. :P

Darlyn said...

I really need the book because I want to annoy my fiancee.haha.he hates when i love books more than him LOL

Anonymous said...

I want this ARC because Break was the first book I read in 2010 and it's still one of my favourites of the year. I'm dieing to read something else written by you and don't want to wait until April! Also, for the "what the fuck" paragraph =P

Anonymous said...


I want this ARC because it looks fuggin' awesome, and it's been BETWEEN YOUR LEGS. I've never read a book that's been between the author's legs before, so I imagine that'd be kinda awesome.

Plus, like, there's sand all over the cover, and I bet some got into that model's crack and made her all uncomfortable. Because, y'know, crack is whack, but sand in your crack is just damn crusty.

Also, I am a 400 foot purple PlatypusBear with pink horns and Silver wings. And a huge Avatar: TLA fan. But not the movie (urgh).

Now put me in that random number generatah.

Kara said...

I need this ARC because I have never touched, sniffed, licked, fondled, read, or even SEEN an ARC in real life. 'Nuff said.

Phoebe North said...

I need this ARC to feed to my starving pet kitten!

Shelley Watters said...

Hi Hannah! So excited for you!

I want the ARC because I can't possibly wait until April 2011. I will go crazy if I have to wait that long to read your masterpiece.

Please, random number generator, pick me!!!!!

Charli Armstrong said...

I want this ARC because you made me join stupid Twitter and I need another reason why I have suddenly become your bitch.

And I'm not EVEN making this up!

Bookewyrme said...

YAY Hannah! I am a follower of this blog (I even comment occasionally!) and I want your ARC! love ARCs. No really, it's like this whole fetish thing which I never get to indulge. The whole reason I want to get into publishing is to indulge in my fetish for ARCs! (Just kidding on that last).


Anonymous said...

I need that ARC because I want to lick it.

Nadine said...

I need the arc because my rabbit, Harvey, wants to read it with me.

Cass said...

First off, you're hilarious. And lots of these comments are funny. I know it doesn't matter, but for your enjoyment (i hope):

I need this ARC because it's been BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! I mean, you know, that's pretty damn special. I'll post "hey, my ARC has been between the author's legs" and the blogging community will be all "Say whaaa?". click. Awesome. Plus, I gotta have a look at that messed up paragraph, 'cause you know, it's cool when authors screw up. :P


yvonne yu said...

I want this arc because I plan on selling it to an unscrupulous and sketchy Chinese publisher, thus giving you the exclusive rights to tell people all about how your book was famous enough to be pirated!

In addition, it might even get some funky Chinese ripoff sequels out of it! Just like Harry Potter!'Harry_Potter'_Books_Written_In_China

(you must click on that link. you must.)

ps: I followed you under "yvonen s." which for some reason is the name my google account is under. go figure

HWPetty said...

I need one more ARC to complete my doomsday device.

... um, and by DOOMSDAY, I of course mean HANNAH MOSKOWITZ WORSHIP SHRINE, which may or may not be in the back of my closet.

Melissa said...

I need to win this ARC because I just read your post about the book cover (and commented), and now I kinda HEART you. Also, I'd love to read more books from a male protag's perspective.

~Aileen's Warped Musings~ said...

I want this ARC because of more then just the paragraph on page 18, and that it's signed and been between your legs...those are all just PLUSES. I want it cuzzzzzzzzzzzz my step sister wants it and she has threatened to throttle me if I don't enter so I am, but now that I've read the stuff behind the book I want to read it for myself as well. Plus if I get it or my step sister gets it we BOTH get to read and review it plus anyone who bribes me with enough money to look at page 18 (I'm going to college in the fall and will be more broke then usual) will also want to read the finished copy so you'll get even MORE publicity!! So yeah, I guess I can say it'd be good if I got picked, or my step sister, but now we have a bit of a better our minds anyways!!

erica_henry said...

Hannah I want your ARC because your are full of awesomeness! I also need to share your excitement since I don't have my own ARC yet :(

Kari Olson said...

Dude. I loved Break. But this is totally different. And its between your legs. And I want to know what paragraph earned a What The Fuck. And the cover model is pretty awesome looking. Effin sexy, actually. Also. Its between your legs. So. I want.

Allison said...

I need this ARC because I love books about summer! And let's face it, my summer sucks... I'd rather read about someone else's. It doesn't even matter what I do this summer, it's 110+ degrees outside and I hate heat. So my summer sucks. Unless maybe I win this ARC.

Think about that.

Erica said...

I need this ARC because without it I will be a depressed lump for always until your gorgeous boook comes out :D

Samantha LeAnne said...

I need this ARC because...well because I want it dammit! Well yes, but in all ridiculousness I need it because without it on my bookshelf, my books have TOLD me that they will kill me in my sleep without their leader! Now, that is why I REALLY need it.

Madeleine said...

I want this ARC because... (Note to Random Number Generator: please take the time to read this comment and shed your randomness for a moment. It will be frighteningly clear that I deserve this ARC and that you want to drop the computer-generated feeling-less persona and be my best friend.)

1) I want this ARC. I think this should be enough, but clearly, Random Number Generator, you are one tough, cold cookie. (Wow, that sounds nasty.)
2) I *need* this ARC because I know it's going to be at least 10x as hilarious and wonderful as this blog post, which means it will pretty much give me a book high.
3) Not working? Wow. Time to try hypnosis:

You need to give me this book so that I won't drive you crazy asking for an ARC for the next 9 months ~ You need to give me this book so that I won't drive you crazy asking for an ARC for the next 9 months ~ You need to give me this book so that I won't drive you crazy asking for an ARC for the next 9 months ~ You need to give me this book so that I won't drive you crazy asking for an ARC for the next 9 months...

Liyana said...

Because while I'm stuck in school where monsoon season reigns currently, all you people are enjoying summer.

So, my 'summer'? It's crushable. Definitely not invicible. NOT AT ALL. That's why I want it. Please? *wears cool sunglasses*


AudryT said...

You'd better give it to anyone but me. I live-tweet reviews as I'm reading, and that's gotta be the scariest thing in the world for an author. Also, I don't follow blogs; I'm too inconsistent a reader, so saying I "follow" any blog would pretty much be a lie. :X

However, I will gladly still add myself as a so-called google follower, if it means that I might get a peek at #magicgayfish someday when makes it to ARC form! XD


divy said...

i need this book because i don't want to wait to read it, quite frankly. i'm jonesing for more of your work.

also, i want to get other people to read your books, specifically my husband. i whined and pleaded to get him to read BREAK, and he refused after the first five chapters because he's a wimp and he found it depressing and stressful (me: yeah, what's your point?). i think i have a much better chance of getting him to read a book with a hot chick on the cover - even if she is photoshopped to hell ;)

lanakapana010 said...

I need this book because it's been between your legs so it is now even more caress-able than it was before. mmmmm.

Rachael said...

I need it because I want to be able to scream "I'M THE FIRST PERSON TO READ THIS BOOK!" even if I'm not. Also when you're famous, I can sell it on eBay. Or put it in a glass case right in front of the giant ice sculpture elephant that I bought by charging people $5 to see it.

Emma said...

but i'll just borrow your copy.
love, a friend IRL

hannah moskowitz said...


(guys Emma is my best friend IRL. she's in the acknowledgments.)

Fi-chan said...

Because uncorrected version rocks! Your signature will make the book even more invincible. Plus, it has been between your legs HAHAHA. I was hoping, if I could get this book, my exam results can be invincible (daydreaming, I know, but..). I have this upcoming super long and important exam, before summer ends. Here in my country, no such thing as four seasons, summer all-year long. Nothing is so special about summer :(

Tiffany Neal said...

I need this ARC b/c:

#1 I'm a retarded commenter who SWEARS she left a comment yesterday to try to win this, but came back and alas, it was not there. So, basically because you should feel sorry for my stupidity.

#2 I swear I will outwrite your 7,500 words in one night bullshit one day reeeaaaal soon. You should be skared. Very skared. mwahahahaha.

(Let's hope my first comment is actually lost in cyberspace and I'm not even more of an idiot because I couldn't find it...)

grace said...

first. I already have a BREAK ARC. I intend to die with a full collection of Hannah Moskowitz ARCs so that my heirs have something to live on. so. it's for the children.

second. I will never speak to you again if you don't give it to me. I'm a bitch like that.

third. I will let you grope me, and let's face it I have better boobs than your covergirl.

fourth. I am not afraid to bribe you with a) sexual favors and/or b) brownies.

fifth. I am too lazy to read all the comments and see if I'm repeating anyone, but obviously if I did I said it better because I'm hot.

no, literally. it's 95 degrees here.

B Mari Landgrebe said...

Yay ARCs!

Unfortunately for everyone else, Hannah's mom has already consulted the almighty oracle, which is my Basement Kitteh, and it has ORDERED her, Hannah, AND the Random Number Generator to GIVE IT TO ME.

I need this ARC, because if I don't get it, then Hannah and HER MOM will be in danger of going AGAINST the oracle. And everyone KNOWS you just DO NOT go AGAINST the BASEMENT KITTEH ORACLE.

I'm just sayin'.


Sara said...

I hate summer. I will study INVINCIBLE SUMMER in hopes of finds a way to defeat it. Fuck you summer. You are NOT invincible.

Plus, it looks good.

Sara @ The Hiding Spot

Kathy Fenton White said...

I want this ARC because I want to be you...and by winning it then everyone else will want to be me:-)
kathyfentonwhite(at) suddenlink (dot) net

Maggie said...

Okay, so, my dog died and I just had my wisdom teeth out. Shut up, I'm telling the truth. Yes, I'm angling for pity. Also, one of my best friends is in another country (with crappy internet) for over two months, I'm heartbroken all the time (read: a teenager), and I have to work in a sweatshop making soap for twenty cents an hour just to eat my measly two meals a day.

Okay, maybe not. Maybe I just like to stay up too late for my own good and not shut up ever.

Honestly? I hadn't heard about you half an hour ago. But someone linked to one of your posts, and within two minutes I was hooked and knew I had to read you, and this way is cheaper. (Remember, I make soap.)

(Did people make soap? God, I've got to go to bed.)

Love the blog, hope I win, will cast a curse on you if I don't.

muchdeepmeaning @ gmail . com

Samantha R. said...

I want to win this ARC because right after I comment on this, I will go out running to get an awesome body like the one on the cover. Also, it has been between your legs and somehow, I think that makes it worth a million times more. Now, if it had touched the awesomeness that is your hair, it might be worth a billion times more, but I don't think you'd want to be holding on to something that valuable. I'll take it off your hands, then. :)

sameripley @ gmail . com

Amanda Morgan said...


*goes off topic*

*still wants to win*

Nate Wilson said...

I needs needs needs this book because I'm certain it's about me, and without reading the unedited version I'll never know how you managed that. Never mind that my name isn't Chase (pseudonym), that there never was a girl next door (dramatic license), and that I don't know any such splendidly toned torsos (a horrible shame). What does matter is this: I fell 30 ft to my death last summer and didn't die. True story. How can Invincible Summer not be about me?

Now quit with the ARC-hogging and hand over my unauthorized biography.

Lily Meade said...

Well shit, I was going to say if I won this I'd make sure to read the entire thing at the beach because it reminds of the sand on the cover, even though a vacation to the beach this summer will only happen if I'm homeless (Which I might be, come August 1st). I'd be sure to film the scenery.

I follow you, I pretty much think your the shiz.

Maggie Greene said...

I want this ARC because right now I have time to read Invincible Summer, but when it comes out I will be in the middle of writing my disertation and I will most likely be in India. This means that 1) the book will not be in my nearest bookstore and 2) I will not be allowed to read anything but research articles.


Lauren Morrill (Mona Mour) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Morrill (Mona Mour) said...

I've never received an ARC before. Like ... NEVER. I mean, honestly, I thought it was spelled 'ARK' until recently. Or pronounced "arse." Just think, if you send me the ARC of Invincible Summer, you will always be my first. Someday I will tell my grandchildren all about how Hannah Moskowitz sent me my VERY. FIRST. ARC. And it was magical, just like I always dreamed. And then I'll pull that ARC out of the glass case where I keep it and show it to my grandchildren ... who will hardly believe that once books were made out of ACTUAL PAPER and we had to TURN PAGES, you know, ALL BY OURSELVES!

Rebecca Christiansen said...

I want the ARC of Invincible Summer because, right now, this guy is holding a gun to my head, and he says that if I don't give him the only copy of IS in existence, he will hand me over to the mob. I don't want to get handed over to the mob, Hannah!! Help!


Kelsey said...

Why do I want to read Invincible Summer? Because I want to. And Hannah you are awesome and I just ordered Break from Amazon and want to be able to prove whether or not IS REALLY is better, like you believe :)


Francis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soop said...

I dont know what ARC means.... but I do want one! Mostly for the page in italics.

Francis said...

Entry 99... we shall do this again, hopefully without deleting anything.

The main reason I want this ARC is really because it sat between your legs. It's creepy, but I'm weird like that.

I also want in for when #MagicBiFish comes out... if I know you better when the sequel of #MagicGayFish comes out, I might just get an ARC for that too.

In short: my interests are completely selfish and self-serving.

Denise Jaden said...

Am I seriously number 100? Though maybe not by the time I type thison my phone. I want-- no need-- to read this before next April. First because o loved Break, second because you make me laugh, third because I love anything Anica seems to pick up, and lastly because I will read it review it and then pass it on to some very LUCKY winner at my launch party. I win, right?

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Help! I'm being held hostage by a seven dwarves with speech impediments and a shape-shifting leprechaun. I can't entirely understand what they want with me, but I swear it sounds like "Invincible Summer ARC" ... or "World Domination" maybe - really bad speech impediments, I'm telling you. If the ARC doesn't make its way into their possession they will pour a vat of maple syrup down my pants and force me to watch Xanadu on repeat FOREVER!

AND my word verification is POONS - that's got to count as a reason! o.0

Kirsten Hubbard said...

entering because your cover is hot, your book sounds great, and your number two made me LOL

MarissaV said...

I want a copy of your book because I think you are awesome. I want to be you but now. Let me explain (this may get cheesy), I have wanted to be a writer since, well, forever. But I didn't and I pushed it to the side. In college I went for computers instead of English, I got out and went into a cubicle instead of the plots in my head, I did this, I did that, never stopping to write. So, now I'm thirty and I still want to be a writer. I want to be you but now.

Oh, and I think I deserve the book because I read all your posts and laugh, and then I usually tell my husband and he just stares back at me. (he doesn’t read your blog - so he just doesn't get it)

Christina Auret said...

I will not lie: I started to follow you so I could enter this contest with a clear conscious. So your ploy for more followers has been slightly successful.

My reason for needing the ARC:

The world will soon be taken over by psychic kraken overlords - for proof google Paul the octopus - we will be the better for this, but shipping routes might be disturbed for quite a while and it is unknown whether they will allow under sea internet/telecommunication cabling in their new regime. I live in South Africa. If I do not get my hands on this book this in 2010, it might be too late.

Victoria Schwab said...

I WANT. Not simply because it's been between your legs, or even because it has a smexy cover, but because it sounds FAB.


Trisha Leigh said...

You had me at "this exact copy has been between my legs." Best advertisement EVER.

Seriously, you crack me up. I am dying to read the words that plop out of your mind onto the page. I want to see the paragraph so bad you had to curse at it in written form.

The End.

K said...

I want to read IS because if it's half as hilarious as your tweets, it'll be a great read.

Oh crap. Did that sound like sucking up?

Guilty as charged.

Also, a whole page in Italics? WIN. Epic. Win.


Mary said...

I need an yr ARC cuz I'm an ARC virgin. I read tons, but I've never had an ARC. And I do write reviews on a blog.

Caroline Dragon said...

I want to read IS because I watched you sleep when we were in England, and that's the kind of bonding experience you just can't forget.
Also, I want to maybe do naughty things with your book.
So. Give it to me, baby.
And the only ARC I have in my house is my dad's book, which is not about summer or fun things like teenagers. It's about spies and nonfiction shit.

Liz Czukas said...

I want your ARC because it looks to be the exact size and shape of the hole in one of my window screens. Therefore, after I read it cover to cover and review that shit all over the damn internet, I will install it--cover out--into the hole in the screen so that everyone who walks by my house will see it. It will be a conversation piece and possible cause of numerous traffic accidents. And when everyone asks about it, I will explain that they don't get to know about it until they read BREAK because otherwise it won't make any sense. Then, after they've read BREAK and they're dying to know the secret, I'll tell them they have to read ZOMBIE TAG first, and it'll just go on and on for years. Do you hear me? YEARS!!

So cough it up!

- Liz

Sarah Heacox said...

Me! Cause I live in LA! And you're going to LA! So you can totally save on shipping!

Also! I need more books with hot ladies on the cover!

Vee said...

Okay, I'm going to enter because:

#1 this book involves Camus. That's just fucking awesome.

#2 Your cover's hot.

#3 You're really cool ( although this kinda goes without saying).

#4 The title makes me think of sand and there's sand on the cover and for some odd reason that's just like-woah-cool in my head.

#5 I want this book so badly that I'm going to...TURN INTO AN ALIEN IF I DON'T GET IT (yeah, I couldn't think of anything better, lol :D).

#6 The cover's hot -- did I already mention that? Well. It can't hurt to mention it again :)

Milka said...

I have this perfect hole in my bookshelf for this book. The whole shelf is going to collapse if I don't get this one and I am going to die to a big landslide of books. So in order to save my life, this ARC has to be on my shelf.


Valerie Kemp said...

I was going to say something really awful about needing this book and between my legs but I thought better of it. Anyhoo, I NEED to read this book because it sounds AWESOME and because I already have Break, but it's not signed and I want to make it jealous, and also, also, because honestly, I want to read your worst paragraph ever and see if it's really that bad or it if it's still a thousand times better than my own writing. So yeah. Send it over!

j said...

I want this ARC because only the lucky bitches will have one. And let's face it, we all want to be one of the lucky bitches!


Ammietia (a girl you once knew) said...

I want this ARC cause I intend on blackmailing you for the rest of your life.

And I want to feed it to my pet unicorn (which may or may not be a horse with a fork taped to it's head).

And my cat just jumped onto my head with her claws out as I wrote this, so I think I deserve a band aid, and this book would do nicely. :)

YA Book Queen said...

I want this ARC because then I might be able to use it as a tool of distraction whenever my brother tries to interrupt me when I'm writing. I'm sure it would work too, because let's face it, that cover is hot. ;)

Lola Sharp said...

Count me in as a new follower.

I don't know you or your writing, but you have me intrigued with this post. I mean pimping your arc by putting it between your legs is genius.


Abhishek Duggal said...

It would make a pretty paperweight!

Esther said...

I need this book because I live in Northern Israel on the border with Lebanon and everyone says Hizbollah is rearming for another war this summer.
So I'm going to need something thrilling to read (WTF passages and all) in case I have to spend hours in our security room shelter with two bored teenagers and an endless game of monopoly.

Euphoria13 said...

Well not that it would matter but i would like to get the IS ARC so i can read it to the penguins in Antarctica. Yeah i'm planning on adopting a penguin... name him Pablo... Nah Jk

I just would love to read it! I've never read Break and i think its freaking awesome how your 19 and already a published author (Yeah i bet you get that a lot)

And who doesn't love winning or receiving an ARC?!



Meredith Barnes said...

I consider this ARC a manual. With my sex-change operation imminent, I think it's time to start getting into guys' heads a little more. Less manipulating them, more *being* them. Like, "What's the deal with that babe on the cover, dude? She's smokin'." Like I need to learn more stuff like that to say. And Camus = mack daddy of them all, so...

karen yuan said...

I want this ARC because if I don't have it I WILL NEVER TELL YOU WHY I WANT IT.

...Yes. Yes, this is me being lazy and intimidated by all the other reasons I MEAN shady and mysterious.

(I also need this ARC because it is rectangular shaped, and all of my books are shaped like vuvuzelas currently, which is only sort of scarring me.)

Cacá SS said...

OMG I want this ARc because you are mad!!
And I'm lol and I'm sure I will love to read this ARC!!!

Amy said...

I'm going to be perfectly honest and say I hadn't heard of this book until I saw a Tweet leading me to this post...and OMG I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! This is a book I just have to read! I do have a blog ( and will review it if I win!

And really?...I just want to win something!


Andy Brokaw said...

I MUST have this ARC or I won't be able to bride the vet to save my gay fish's life! (The operation he needs is way to expensive for me to ever pay for, but I just know the vet will take this ARC!)

Overlook Building said...

I need this because because my life is boring and I live vicariously through books. Plus when I read the description I was rather intrigued by it.

Harley May said...

Hi Hannah,

I need this ARC for that tasty piece of meat on the cover. I like meat. I'd still like you to blog about meat some time. It could be any kind of meat: bacon, sausage, pork. Yup.

Your meat-loving pal,


Erika Powell said...

I want this book because if your blog posts are this fun I can't imagine how addicted to your book I will be!

Elie said...

I had a dream and the arc spoke to me, it wants me because it knows I will personally identify with it and spread its glory all over the blogosphere and beyond. Plus I am really curious about the paragraph on page 18.

Pam Harris said...

Hmm, so why do I want to win an ARC of Invincible Summer? Well, the cover will draw a lot of attention from males--so when they ask me what I'm reading, they'll have to actually talk to me. Sneaky tactic, but oh well. Oh, and I also think you're hella talented. Those are good reasons, right?

Ari said...

I will put it on my shelf for my rubber ducks to cuddle with. It will be given attention by the rubber duck army. I will give it a shit-tastic review. I will use a 20 dollar bill as a bookmark. I will bury it in my backyard.

Yeah some serious shit.

Brittany said...

I need this ARC because I said so. I like your foul mouth and shit. *laughs* but seriously RNG (that's random number generator for all you who don't know) pick me. Because me and that ARC are meant to be PERIOD

Laurie Lamb said...

I desperately need the ARC of INVINCIBLE SUMMER to escape what I call "the summer of two boys under ten fighting". Your book sounds fabulous!

Weronika Janczuk said...

I loved BREAK, so I'm sure that this I will love too.

Janelle Alexander said...

Since I only have 17 minutes left to enter, I figured I'd better stop procrastinating and enter already! Or keep procrastinating my wip and enter already! either way, procrastination rocks!!!!

:o) Oh... And I'd really really like to read it! especially page 18!!! (with the comment, thank you very much!!)

BTW - I told my 8yo about Zombie Tag, and she wants to read it. Then she tried to eat my brain.