Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remember That Time I Had News? HOW ABOUT AGAIN.

In lieu of a post with actual thought-provoking content, how about some NEWS!

FIRST OF ALL, congratulations ONE ZILLION TIMES to Erin Bowman, the winner of the cover contest, with her use of a beaaaautiful photograph by John Goodridge!!

NOW. Okay! So!

S&S (and at least one other publisher, if I understand correctly) is trying out this badass new thing where they release a hardcover and a paperback simultaneously.

The logic behind this is that big bookstores like B&N and...oh wait, just B&N (guh my heart my soul) are more likely to stock a paperback than a hardcover because it is thinner and takes up less space. It's also less expensive to ship and generally lower-risk for the store to carry.

This is the main reason BREAK and INVINCIBLE SUMMER were in paperback rather than hardcover. Contemporary YA is a kind of scary place and putting it out in paperback increases the chances that the stores will be willing to stock it. (And I am SUPER lucky that B&N stocked both BREAK and INVINCIBLE SUMMER. Sidenote: they will be carrying ZOMBIE TAG as well. Which is a hardcover. So that news does not really belong in this post. HENCE THE PARENTHESIS.)

But there are people and places that like hardcovers more: some independents, libraries, my parents, etc.

WHICH IS WHY it is really, REALLY exciting that S&S has decided to EXPERIMENT ON ME

no no no not like that

and release GONE, GONE, GONE simultaneously in paperback and hardcover!

I KNOW, Jared and Jensen, cast of Fantastic Mr. Fox, and guy with chair!!


I will have MORE INFORMATION closer to pub date, when I trust you to remember it (you dear little fish with your horrible memories) but I think you guys can figure out how to best support your chica on this if you are so inclined. You know as well as I do that the best way to show some love for a writer is with that wallet, so. If you shell out the extra money for the hardcover, eternal gratitude (AND POSSIBLY SOMETHING ELSE I'M WORKING ON IT). It shows the people over at my publisher that you like me enough to support me in hardcover, and they like when people like me because then they can wear their I LOVE HANNAH shirts without fear of embarrassment or egg-throwers.

BUT the paperback and the ebook will be available at exactly the same time (I should say when that time is, right? APRIL 17TH, 2012) so buy it in one of those if you'd rather. This is why we give you options. Because we love you.

Pretty, pretty fish.


Eileen said...

WOOT! news worth re-loading your site over and over again until it showed! This is great news.

Linda said...

That's awesome!!

hannah moskowitz said...

Eileen--WHAT is up with blogger today? And livejournal. And the universe.

Rebecca B said...

Awesome news, Hannah! What format to choose?!? I know: both.
I love that cover, too.

Dayse D. said...

Because I'm me, of course I'm already listing the problems of these news.
If Paperbacks and Hardbacks come out at the same time, WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET? Hardbacks are prettier, back paperbacks are more practical to read. What is more important to me, BEAUTY or PRACTICALITY? I feel like my entire personality will be defined by this decision.

But NOT being me for a second, these are very exciting news! I'm happy they experimenting on you, WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Really, though, congrats! I really really do believe you deserve it :)

Now I'm off to do some self evaluation and choose which version I'm gonna get.

P.S.: "and a guy with a chair" - oh, you.

hannah moskowitz said...


Dayse, you are the best. I should put up a WHICH VERSION SHOULD YOU BUY quiz.

maine character said...

If I buy the hardcover, can you get me one of those shirts?

Dayse D. said...

I *COULD* get both, but I always feel guilty when I buy two versions of the same book. Like 'oh no, there's another book out there I could've bought with this money', as if I'm hurting the un-bought books feelings or something.

I'll probably get the HC, because I wanna support you now that we got to the L word stage in our ~relationship~

I'm gonna stop now, because this is getting a bit weird.

Jynn said...

Oh wow that's fantastic. I'll definitely splurge on a hardcover. I tend to like them better.

hannah moskowitz said...

Dayse--not weird, never weird.


NO BUT seriously what I would love to do is work it out so I send signed bookmarks to everyone who tells me they bought the hardcover. But I will have to design some GGG bookmarks first!


What awesome news indeed!~! Love the graphics. I love my hardcovers :)
Also wondering about tee shirts if Awesomeness

maine character said...

Count me in for a bookmark.

And hey, even your books go both ways. :P

hannah moskowitz said...

Well played, sir.

Erin Bowman said...

Congrats, lady! That is excellent news. I'm a hardcover gal, and would jump on that given both options, mostly because I'm not delicate enough with my books and tend to destroy paperbacks :( This is such an interesting experiment, though. I'll be interested to hear about the results!

And thank you, again, for hosting the IS contest. And a hundred more thank you to everyone's votes that put me on top -- Couldn't have done it without them (or without the gorgeous photograph by badjonni [], which I used under the Creative Commons) Yay!

Paul Anthony Shortt said...

Rocking news!

Lisa Eckstein said...

I'm glad a publisher is trying this, because it seems like there are so many advantages and drawbacks both to being published in hardcover or as a paperback original, it's hard to know which is better. So cool that you get to be a guinea pig.

Last year I was excited to have the release of INVINCIBLE SUMMER as nearly a birthday present. Very kind of you to release GONE, GONE, GONE on my actual birthday!

ashelynn hetland said...

so exciting! i prefer hardcover over paperback, so you bet i'm buying gone gone gone in hardcover! yaaay!

suzie townsend said...

Oh congrats Erin! I loved that one!

Becca C. said...

This news is so kewl! Yes, even spelled like that.

And congrats to the winner!!! That was my favourite cover of them all!!!

Shell Flower said...

I <3 the winning cover. Finally, something I voted for wins. And YAY on the experimenting on you -- especially that it isn't anal probes or anything creepy. I want the hardcover, of course, but my financial situation always points to paperback, so you know, at least I will read it right?

Melissa Dominic said...

HARDBACK! All the way!!

evanrymer said...

Hannah, I was wondering what book of Camus they were reading in invincible summer?

evanrymer said...

Hannah, I wa wondering what book of Camus Chase and the others were reading in Invincible Summer?