Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Are You?

It's that time of year again when I start to think about the focus of this blog and how I can best help you through blogging. So I have some polls for you! I love polls, personally. So! There are two below. Answer both! Answer one! Answer neither and tell me to fuck off and stop prying into your life! Et cetera!

Who the hell are you?
An unagented, unpublished writer
An agented, unpublished writer
An unagented, published writer
An agented, published writer
A reader who hasn't read BREAK
A reader who has read BREAK
An agent, editor, or other publishing professional
A muser
Someone who knows me in real life
Under 18
Over 18
A book blogger
A teacher or other educating professional
Someone who objects to your use of the word 'hell" in the subject of this poll. free polls

What Posts Do You Like To See?
Writing advice--queries, synopses, revisions, etc.
Insight on the publishing process
Professional stuff about hannah
Posts on how to survive being a writer
Random shit with a lot of profanity
Personal stuff about hannah (as in, like, my life as a human, not as in PERSONAL stuff)
PERSONAL stuff (don't vote for this. pervert.) free polls


maine character said...

This is why I so appreciate blogs like yours - popular magazines not only don't have random shit with a lot of profanity, but they've never once suggested I tell them to fuck off and stop prying into my life.

hannah said...

I actually only said that because I thought people would think I was creepy if I didn't. I totally want everyone prying into my life. As whoever on House said--"Privacy is a 20th century invention."

Corinne said...

If there was a ticky box for "reader who hasn't yet read BREAK but is totally planning on doing so really oh please don't kill me" I'd have checked that one.

Also: profanity makes life better.

Vee said...

I wish I could vote like three times for "Random shit with lots of profanity" and "Posts on how to survive being a writer" because 1)Profanity is definitely underrated. By far 2)Your posts on how to survive being a writer are kindasorta brilliant :D

grace said...

hmmmm I dunno if my votes were counted (both "muser" and "pervert" are still at 0, which shouldn't be true) but whatever. you know what I want. :)

hannah said...

lol, Corinne, there will be no killing. Especially since it looks like you're in the majority. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE, WHAT DO YOU THINK PAYS FOR THIS BLOG. (this blog is free.)

grace, neither of those are at 0 for me.

Aleeza said...

Sorry to say this (or not), but im definitely a pervert, in that sense anyway!
I love pretty much EVERY BLOODY THING about this blog!