Sunday, November 29, 2009

ho ho ho

So all this holiday cheer has me thinking that I write a lot of books that are centered around--or highlight--a holiday. For BREAK, it's Halloween, which worked metaphorically in retrospect; a lot of the book is about concealing true feelings (oh my god HANNAH YOU ARE SO ORIGINAL) and pretending to be something you're not (HANNAH YOU'RE BRINGING ME TO TEARS HERE--I know guys, I know, just try to keep it together.)

One of my manuscripts that I love but might never see the light of day centers around the Fourth of July, and it is, in large part, a book about pregnancy and independence and how those two coincide and contrast. INVINCIBLE SUMMER, about a boy growing over four summers, centers around that character's birthday each year, from his fifteenth to his eighteenth.

Not all of my manuscripts fit this model, but I thought it was interesting. Anything similar show up in your books, timing-wise?


Emilia Joyce Plater said...

The last scene in my WIP takes place on my MC's 18th birthday. I know, that's so tidy, lol. I had to resist the urge to make her birthday the 4th of July and have an epic fireworks ending. Would be a little too cheesy.

Dannie said...

Erm...I don't write books...*fails*

hannah said...

Dannie, if less people wrote books, the world would be a better place, trust me. You are a revolutionary.

Emilia--the point of using 4th of July in my ms was for an anticlimactic fireworks scene, haha. But it did make a sick chapter ending.

Gary Couzens said...

Not so much a holiday, but one of the adults in my WIP mentions that she was born during Woodstock. Well, not actually at the festival - on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, just at the same time. She came into the world while Jefferson Airplane were playing. (That's a nod to the person who partly helped spark this novel idea.)

Also, a key scene involves a Polish Christmas Eve celebration.

Weronika Janczuk said...

Hahahahaha. :-)

And, yay for Polish celebrations! Woohoo!

Dannie said...


Actually, maybe I should be writing books. I'd have things to do other then troll the comments section of other peoples blogs :P