Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In response to this video:

First of all, I'm in love with you.

Second of all:

Here is something I've learned about about writing.

Sometimes things take a lot of time.

Other times, things do not take a lot of time.

First draft of BREAK: 1 week
Subsequent revisions: 3 weeks
TOTAL TIME SPENT ON NOVEL BEFORE SALE: 1 month of work, 5 months of getting the agent/the editor/chewing my fingernails.

First draft of INVINCIBLE SUMMER: less than 1 week
Subsequent revisions: 8 months on and off.
TOTAL TIME SPENT ON NOVEL BEFORE SALE: about 8 months of work, 4 months of getting a different agent/the same editor/chewing the same fingernails.

First draft of ALL TOGETHER WITH FEELING: 4 months
Subsequent revisions: 2 months so far and a loooooong way to go.
TOTAL TIME SPENT ON NOVEL BEFORE SALE: bitch please no one wants this thing and no one will for a looooong time.

Sometimes, things take a lot of time.

Sometimes, other things take a lot of time.

Sometimes, things do not take a lot of time.

Also, there are no hard and fast rules.


p.s. John, if Sara ever leaves you, hit me up. Seriously had a period of mourning when you got engaged. You and Ned Vizzini. I'm still bitter about this, guys. My boyfriend barely knows how to read.


Alainn said...

Your success makes the rest of us cry. No, really. I LOVE ATWF so far. :)

Also, I feel the need to point out I found this video. And stop hitting on John Green. He's mine. :P

hannah said...

It's true, Alainn found this video for me. I STATE IT PUBLICLY.

Raven said...

I love him.

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

JG's videos are amazing. Did you see the one about how life as a nerd is way more fun? No man has ever spoken so much truth.

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Bahaha, John Green makes me laugh :)

And also, you write crazy-fast!

Dannie said...

I lurves Johnn Green. He always gets the best reaction out of people :P

Anonymous said...

Yes. This.

I totally intended to write a book in a month. Guess what? It's not going to happen. And that's okay. Sometimes books go faster, sometimes they take more time. There's no shame in either. :)