Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Care to give this a title?

Fun fact: I rarely, rarely come up with my titles.

Started this evening:

Dustin learned a long time ago that the easiest way to control Jeremy was to remain close. He’d touch Jeremy—sometimes, not always. A hand on the shoulder, around his ankle, maybe palm-down on his forehead. Every once in a while, murmur something comforting. “It’s okay.” “Everything’s fine.” “You’re with me.”

Just after seven o’clock, when the light started to get pink through the trees. Dustin turned a page in the newspaper and wondered how long it’d been since he’d seen his name in print. Certainly not since he moved up here. To escape the fame, he’d said, but the truth was the fame escaped him ages ago, and this was just a cover for the rest of his pride. There was no more fame to escape by the time he bought the cabin—just the whole word outside afternoon tea, Jeremy and his nightmares, and Avi.

Only half an hour until Avi arrived. Dustin knew he should get up, make himself attractive. Make himself...something. Whatever. Avi knew every inch of him. Even when Dustin wanted to feel self-conscious, it was hard to feel anything but boring next to Avi. Avi, who had a tattoo of a tattoo gun. Avi, who had You were wrong—it’s just darkness in black ink on the sole of his foot. “For when they hang the toe tag,” he said

Jeremy shivered when he saw it. But Jeremy did a lot of shivering.

“Everything’s fine,” Dustin said, running his hand down his brother’s back..

Jeremy whimpered.

“I’m here.” A lot of good that ever seemed to do.

Just after seven o’clock—much too early for most sixteen-year-olds to sleep. Dustin cupped his hand around the back of Jeremy’s head and slipped his fingers into his curls. Seven o’clock was Jeremy’s worst time. Right when the drugs started to kick in. Strong enough to put him to sleep, not nearly strong enough to calm him down.

Jeremy bit down hard on his tongue.

“Nuh-uh-uh.” Dustin worked his fingers around Jeremy’s jaw until it loosened and pulled away just as Jeremy snapped at his fingers. “Hey.”

And Jeremy was so sweet when he was awake.


Megan said...

Ha ha, I love your labels. Anyway, intriguing excerpt! Here are a few titles, but I don't know if they're any good:

No More
Escaping Nothing
The Whole World Outside Afternoon Tea

Anonymous said...

Black Ink


inkspatters said...

Haha, I'm really bad at coming up with titles too. I basically just get friends to read through and suggest titles, so I'm probably no help at all here. But I'll try anyway.

Tattoo Gun. That sounds vaguely interesting, doesn't it?