Monday, April 17, 2017

We Need Another Book

So it's been about six months since I self-published 3 (haven't bought it yet? For shame) and it has been pretty incredible. It's been so fun having control and getting to see results in real time and hearing everyone's reactions to the book, and ngl I like the money. So...let's do it again?

This book has been a long time in the making--almost two years--and I finally feel like it's the right time to share it. If you follow me on twitter you'll know it as #Deafromance, but it has a real title...and a real cover, and since that's what you're actually here to see, I'll save the rest of my blabbing. Without further ado...

Zack Ramos is training for two things: being a parent to his twelve-year-old sister once his mother's early-onset Alzheimer's (the same kind he and his sister each have a 50% chance of developing--but let's not think about that) progresses too far, and running a one hundred mile race through the mountains of Tennessee. His support system is longtime girlfriend Jordan Jonas, who's sweet, sarcastic, and entirely virtual. They've been talking for years but still have never met in person. Because Jordan, it turns out, was still waiting for the right time to tell him that she's Deaf. 

The revelation brings them closer together, and Zack throws himself into learning sign language and trying to navigate their way through their different cultures. But with the stress of a tumultuous relationship, a new language, a sick mother, and his uncertain future, there's going to be a breaking point...and it might be out there in the Tennessee wild.

It'll be out on Wednesday, April 26th, and I'll add a link here as soon as I have one. In the meantime, let's skip ahead to reasons you should buy it, shall we?

--The Romance. I don't want to spoil, but there's something special about Zack and Jordan and their romantic arc that I haven't seen before. Maybe you've never seen it before either?? idk idk do you really want to risk NEVER SEEING IT

--The Representation. Both Zack and Jordan are bisexual and will not let you forget it just because they're in a boy/girl relationship. Zack is Filipino, Jordan is Guatemalan and Jewish. Jordan is, obviously, Deaf.
       --#ownvoices? Only for bisexuality and Judaism. I'm disabled but not Deaf, and I know ASL but...again, not Deaf.
      --Jordan does not read lips. Learn ASL or gtfo. Zack chooses the former.

--The Price. It's $3.99. You can swing it.

--The Author. uh hi have you met me I'm awesome and last night I spent $75 on lipstick good lord so can I have your money thanks

Hit me up with any questions you have about the book here or on Twitter! I'm beyond excited to bring this out into the world, and I hope you guys love it!


Steve MC said...

A blog post from Hannah! And it comes with a book! A surprise book one doesn't have to wait a year to read!

Kate Larkindale said...

You mention you might like to self-pub another book one day, and the next it's here… Love your work, Hannah!