Monday, May 3, 2010

Emptying My Pockets All Over My Blog

Here's some stuff that's going on in my life right now!

I'm in publishing limbo again.

Did you think it ended once you sold a book? HAHAHAHAHA.

That is the sound of me laughing at your foolishness and LAUGHING AT MY PAIN.

I'll take any crossed fingers you can throw at me. Or you can mail them, if that's easier. I'd give you my address, but I just rethought and pictured my roommate's face if fingers, crossed or otherwise, started arriving in our mail, and it wasn't pretty.

So let's talk about nicer things. Chances are, a year from today, you will have a copy of Invincible Summer in your pretty little hands. I'm assuming here that if you read my blog, you like me enough to buy my book. Also, that your hands are little and pretty. There's something pretty exciting about that. A lot of times I feel like Invincible Summer isn't coming out for ages and ages, but right now a year doesn't feel like too long. In a few days, I'm sure I'll be crying about how it's never going to come out and omigod what if I turn TWENTY before the release date and waaaah.

Copyedits on Invincible Summer are all done and getting mailed back to my editor in the next few days. After this, typeset pages and galleys and all the reaaaally exciting stuff. LIKE ARCs. I mean, I should shut up, because ARCs won't be for ages, but um ARCs. ARCs. That is all.

For those of you who care about my life as a human (vs. my life as a word processor) I'm finishing up my freshman year of college in the next two weeks and preparing for the return of my boyfriend, who's in been in Ohio for school the past year. I am astronomically excited for both these things.

This summer is going to be pretty fantastic. I'm doing a lot of low-key traveling (including a weekend in NYC over May 21st-23rd) and, of course, attending my very first WRITING CONFERENCE. I've met very few writers in real life, and no publishing professionals, so SCBWI LA is going to be insane and fantastic. Who's going to be there? You all better come find me. I'll be the nervous girl with the pink hair.


Dorothy Dreyer said...

Count my fingers crossed. They're little, but I wouldn't call them pretty.

Don't worry, time will fly by before you know it. You should print this post out, tuck it into an envelope, and then open it when you're closer to thirty or even forty. You'll probably laugh at yourself — though probably more in an oh-how-silly-of-me way rather than a Dr.-Evil-plans-to-rule-the-world kind of way. ;)

Cate Gardner said...

I heart your impatience. May you have lots of little moments with your book in the year. :D

Robby said...

I'm crossing them. I'm doing it RIGHT NOW, while typing.

Arlaina Tibensky said...

we are so getting coffee when you are in NYC! xo

Cheyanne said...

Fingers crossed..

Oh how I wish I could go to that conference.. but a lack of money seems to ruin so many things for me!

My hands can't WAIT to get a copy of Invincible Summer! speaking of, but not really, because it's different, last time I was at Borders they had NO copies of Break.. and yesterday they had two. =)

and YAY for seeing the boyfriend!

hannah moskowitz said...

Way to go, Borders! That is sweet.

Arlaina--most definitely, darlin'.

Heather Zenzen said...

I'll be at SCBWI. I'm taking the YA Voice Intensive with Krista Marino of Delacorte, and after hearing her speak this weekend at a local conference, I am BEYOND excited! I'll look for your pink hair in the sea of faces.

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you'll be out of limbo soon.

I'll be at SCBWI, hopefully I will see you there!

ryan.gebhart said...

Squibby!!!! I'll be there, but you already know that :)

Nadine said...

Fingers are crossed!

Awesome that you are going to be in LA - let me know if you want any sushi recs!

Amy Lukavics said...

My hands are haggard as hell but I plan to clutch them around INVINCIBLE SUMMER like no other. Also, so jealous about SCBWI.

Gary Couzens said...

I'd never call my hands little or pretty, but I will be preordering Invincible Summer as soon as I'm able to.

I've been to SF, fantasy and horror conventions, but never a writers' conference. I ought to join SCWBI UK sometime, but for all sorts of reasons that's not going to happen for at least a year from now.

Kristin Halbrook said...

Will see you in L.A., woman.

D Swizzle said...

Pink hair? Heck yes.