Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Point of No Return

I just passed 10,000 words on the manuscript I'm working on (All Together with Feeling, still.) Generally, I consider 10,000 words to be my point of no return. It's where I've invested too much in a book to give up on it.

Granted, this isn't foolproof--I've given up on books at 15K, 40K, 52K, but usually if I reach 10K, I'm in it for the long haul.

Do you have a wordcount that works as verification that the ms is going to work? Or are you one of those freaky people who finishes everything she starts?


sharpierae said...

One of the freaky people.
Of course, that brings the grand total up to TWO.

(actually, maybe that's not true. I have beginnings and notes to a lot of things, but I haven't given up on them... I feel like I haven't really STARTED them yet.)

I hope All Together with Feeling enters into your pantheon of finished works!

hannah moskowitz said...

Thanks babe! So do I.

And whatever you're doing, it's clearly working ;)

Anonymous said...

10k is about my point-of-no-return too. Can wait to pick up All Together With Feeling in a B&N sometime soon!

(No, really. You have get it published. Or else I and all my choir geek friends will attack you.) :P