Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yes, we have a new look! We so pretty.

So you remember that ridiculously awesome, ridiculously high-stakes contest I had?

The turnout was seriously beyond my wildest dreams. I was worried I wouldn't get ANY entries. Instead I got twenty-seven incredible submissions, and I love them to tiny pieces.



Because of the ridiculous prize I'm giving away to the winner, it is of the utmost importance that I choose the very, very best. Which means I can't rely on my taste alone! I need you to help me.

I've chosen my top 10 favorite covers. You will see them momentarily (or now if you are impatient and scroll down, but don't because I'm about to give you IMPORTANT INFORMATION). You can vote for one of those. The top 3 with the most votes will go onto the next round, one week from today, where the ULTIMATE WINNER will be chosen!

BUT WAIT. What if you look at them and say "hannah wtf you didn't choose THE BEST ONE"??

Well. After the poll (where you vote for ONE of the top ten covers) you will see a link to a slideshow of ALL of the covers. They're all labeled with "Contest Entry #14" or whatever. Each of those that was not chosen for the top 10 will have a spot on the second poll! That is the FAN FAVORITE poll. And whichever one of THOSE gets the most votes will also move on to the next round, to make a top 4! See? You can fix my mistakes!

You may only vote once, but PLEASE campaign as hard as you possibly can for your favorite cover whether in the comments here, on twitter, your own blog, facebook, wherever. And thank you so, so much for voting (and for entering, if you did!)

A quick recap:

--Below are my ten favorites of the covers I was sent. They're in random order. Most of them you can click to make them bigger, some were subbed to me kinda small.
--You can vote ONCE on ONE COVER.
--Below THAT poll is a link to a slideshow of ALL THE ENTRIES.
--Below THAT link is a poll with each of the entries that was not chosen.
--You can vote ONCE for ONE OF THOSE COVERS.

And here we go!



2) (No, I am not really a NYT Bestselling author, but if the cover fits...) >



Photo by badjonni and used under the Creative Commons:






Here is a link to the slideshow of ALL the covers (including the top 10). The poll below is for all the covers that were NOT chosen in the top 10. If it was in the top 10, it will not appear on this poll (notice there's no option for "Cover Contest #1" on this poll, because that one was chosen for the top 10). Please don't get the numbers in the slideshow confused with the numbered entries above! Just look underneath each picture in the slideshow for its number and use that.



therainhouse said...

So hard to decide.. If you choose Cover 2, girls will buy it. If you choose Cover 5, the one with 3 boys, Invincible Summer looks like it belongs on the Booker Prize shortlist.

Out of the Top 10, I personally love the last cover. Appeals to both guys and girls!

hannah moskowitz said...
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BrittLit said...

Oh my goodness, there were so many awesome ones. I especially love the ones with sign language, but #5 is really nice!

Becky Taylor said...

I agree with therainhouse and voted for 10 as well. Gender neutral and gives a short teaser as to what the book is about.

Lydia Sharp said...

So in love with #5. I can't even tell you how much.

Kelley said...

These are so gorg. Some of these people need to get a job doing cover art. ;)

maine character said...

2 is gorgeous, including the fonts, but focuses on the girl.

3 is the underground winner.

5 is perfect – it gets the brothers, their relationship, the isolation, the beach, and the perfect quote to show things won’t go well.

10 has great color and tone and fonts, but the photo doesn’t really match.

So my vote is for 5.

For the fan favorites, 9 and 20 seemed the best.

Erin L. Schneider said...

There's something about #5 that really captures what an invincible summer moment might be.

It's clear and to the point, yet perfect - and I love the quote that goes with it.

This is it - this is your winner!

Best of luck!

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

Ooh, I can't get over how perfect the picture for #5 is. Like each pose is like completely perfect and totally reflect the relationship between the brothers wow! And I'm amazed by like, all these covers, these people are so talented!!!

Britta said...

That was really difficult...

Linda said...

So many beautiful covers! I had a really hard time choosing

Laura Tims said...

New layout is beautiful! I love that there's a goldfish involved.

Voted cover 8! Super creative and unique.

fakesteph said...

They're all so good!