Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look! Invincible Summer!

On Goodreads!

You should add it. It makes me happy, as a Goodreads whore.

Also, I have no idea if it's really going to be out in April. I just put that in because I like April. As soon as I have a release date, you guys will be the first to know. Although for BREAK, I just found out because it was up on Amazon. So anyone who saw it first me knew before I did. So if you stalk me hard enough, you might ACTUALLY be the first to know. In which case please let me know.

I shouldn't blog at 2 AM.

Oh also I'm judging this contest and today (Friday) is the last day to enter and you should enter it and here is the link. Riiiight here.


Cheyanne Young said...

I already entered the contest and my fingers are crossed!

And Yay for Invincible Summer! Do you know/have you any idea yet what you'll be publishing next?

Kara said...

Yay for Invincible Summer!!

Side note, I love your hair in the picture they used for the Got YA contest. I wanted to do something similar to mine with dark blue but I just got into a teacher certification program and we can't do weird shit to our bodies. Eff the man!

hannah said...

I hate the man!

Cheyanne, listen up for news in the next few weeks...and keep your fingers crossed...

Anonymous said...

Yay! (Will there be a shiny new cover for INVINCIBLE SUMMER any time soon? :D)

hannah said...

YES THERE WILL BE. I hope. I've seen a draft of it and it's gooooorgeous but my editor told me I'm not allowed to show you guys. Like, she said it specifically. I totally would have looked for a loophole but she was basically just like BITCH NO. Funsucker. (I love you Anica)

But it's AMAZING. Blows BREAK'S cover out of the water, and this was just a rough draft. So I can't wait to see the real thing and show it to you guys.