Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pimping Myself

'cause that's how we do over on Invincible Summer, I guess.

My darling friend Misty wrote basically my favorite blog entry ever, and not ONLY because it makes me sound like a rock star (though that might be my favorite part.) You should check that shit out. It is here.

In other news...

I'm hard at work on my Invincible Summer edits (full disclosure: I'm hard at work on Invincible Summer edits in-between fighting Pokemon trainers) and also enjoying sunny (it's not sunny) Disney World with Christopher/the boyfriend/the shiksa/whichever of these names means more to you.

How are your lives?

Would you like another teaser from INVINCIBLE SUMMER, by the way? Because I can provide that shit if necessary.


Dan Krokos said...

I want a fucking teaser.

hannah said...

well shit. I don't know if I can say no to that.

Misty said...

Want this, Dan? Huh? Want this? Neener Neener.
There ya go, one tease, fulfilled.

Aww, Hannah. I meant every word of it, kiddo. Wish everybody was so kind. Have a great time in Mouseville!

Kristi Faith said...

fuckin a!

Kody Keplinger said...

Hannah, you're such a badass. Love you.
And I would not argue with a teaser.
Just sayin'

Sam said...

Yay, Pokemon! I'm completely addicted to the new one. :)

hannah said...

It's amazing. Except I can't beat Lance. Fucking Outrage.