Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It might sell.
--EVEN IF the book isn't perfect.
--EVEN IF it's not your favorite thing you've ever written.
--EVEN IF you don't feel schizophrenic when you're writing it and you heard that's supposed to happen?
--EVEN IF you started your query with a rhetorical question or your manuscript with your main character waking up.

You might make a shitload of money.
--EVEN IF...well...I don't know anything about making a shitload of money, so I'll shut up on this point. But I hear it's possible!

And mo matter what happens:
--You might be happy.
--EVEN IF...
--Yeah. Even if.


Jordyn said...

:) This one made me happy. Thanks.

and oh yay i found the name/url thing so I don't have to keep being "tencentnotes". LOL.

Anonymous said...

This post totally had the Essence of DLev.

*holds up lighter*

Kimberly Job said...

Needed this today. :)