Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sorry for being all crazy MIA and abandoning you guys. If you thought reality TV was a timesuck, try college.

If you've missed the melodious sounds of my voice, you should DEFINITELY check on Blogfest--it's a very cool S&S project where 40 authors sound off on some different topics---and guess who's one of the 40? Stay tuned for a few more posts there from me in the next few days, but my first one's already up!

Definitely check it out.


Emilia said...

Done~ I loved your daily life answer. Don't worry about being MIA - education is of utmost importance. =D

Gary Couzens said...

That's an impressive list of authors. I even know one of them in real life (Stephanie Burgis) and was on a magazine contents page with her recently - please say hello to her from me!