Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goals and Things! My Teachers Would Be Proud

SO here's the plan.

My outline for All Together With Feeling says it will be 68,000 words.

It is currently 45,000 words.

Here is the goal. Finish the 1st draft of All Together With Feeling before BREAK comes out.

Can she do it???

(Also, BREAK got a great review today! Check it out.

So how are you guys? Life is good?

Oh hey, are you a fan of me on Facebook? Because I'm pretty awesome, even on Facebook.

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Awriter said...

You can do it Hannah!

Lifes okay, set aside drama and everything it is good. Finished the first draft of my novel, started to edit it I really dislike editing. It's not my strong point at all.

All shall become a fan of you on facebook! lol
Great review by the way! I know I'm getting break when it comes out!


Anonymous said...

you can dooooo it! :)

hannah said...

Thanks so much, Ash and e!

Ash, I SO prefer editing to first drafts. At least I have some freakin' clue what I'm doing...

Awriter said...

Haha, yes I get that but I mean, I have 319 pages and ummm 3 weeks I think until I start school again. Senior years yay! and I'm hoping to get first run through of editing done. But it kills!

I have the issue that I can edit another persons work, but it's really hard to edit my own! It's confusing :)

Hope your doing good!

Emilia said...

I love editing way more as well. Seriously, what could be easier than messing around with words that are ALREADY THERE? First drafts make me go insane.

& You can definitely do it. :D