Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why hello there

On Thursday I'll be leaving for England until June 1st. Most likely no posting while I'm gone, but there will hopefully be LOTS of writing.

I'm 21,000 words into ATwF, and it's going quite swimmingly.

I have little other news of consequence. So, in the tradition of Nathan Bransford--open thread! I doubt mine will have as many visitors, buuut I'd love to know if there's anything you'd like to ask me. So. Any questions? Anything at all?


Horserider said...

Is being published everything you thought it would be or more? :D

Anonymous said...

What's in England? :)

Emilia said...

I have two. :)

- With you being a teen and soon a busy college freshman... has your agent spoken to you at all about publicity, especially book tours?
- What do you envision for your future - do you pretty much want to be a novelist, or do you have other possible careers lined up?

hannah said...

Oooh, thanks for the questions :)

Horserider--Being published has done fantastic things for my writing-related confidence and self-esteem. I have a ton more faith in myself as a writer. I don't stress as much about whether something is publishable. Especially since I have a few manuscripts already finished, I feel like I have freedom to screw up more. It's like I have a safety net--oh, I'm published, so I can't be messing up too badly.

But I did have these dreams of how getting published would fix my life and my teenage angst, how I'd never be unhappy anymore. Those didn't come true. I think it's important to keep that perspective, even though I didn't. Getting published is a great thing for your career. But you shouldn't expect it to fix your life.

You'll still be you. People treated me weird for a week or two and now everything is back to normal. I'm still a kid, which is good.

K-B--school trip. We're going to London and then Oxford etc.--following the paths of British authors, which should be really fun. I'm excited. I leave in an hour.

Emilia-- a. We haven't talked about publicity yet. As far as I know, no book tour, which is kind of a relief; my book comes out ten days before I start college, so I definitely don't want to be traveling right then.

b. I would love love love to be a novelist. I'd also love to stay home with kids, so I think those two could mesh together very nicely. As I say here all the time, if I could be a singer, I'd throw everything else away in a heartbeat. ;) Unfortunately I don't think that's going to happen.

I did want to be a doctor for a while.

Thanks for the questions, guys! I'll answer any more when I get back.