Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing the Waiting Game

Still not writing, but I'm totally riding the publishing pony again. Not much is happening on the BREAK front--since the ARCs came in, everything's been pretty quiet. I've been getting a lot of links from my publisher about publicity and such. I'd say I'm pretty accessible on the web, since I never leave my computer...

Anyway, right now I have three books on submission--two to my editor at Simon Pulse, and one to seven other houses that Simon Pulse already decided wasn't right for them. This is all very new; my editor sent them all out this weekend. So chances are I won't get any news for a loooong time.

BREAK went on submission almost exactly this time last year--just two or so weeks later. It didn't sell until the middle of July. I'm trying to remember that these things take time. But I'm feeling very impatient right now.

Anyone else waiting for news? Anyone else kind of enjoying it? I'm so weird.


Megan said...

I'm playing the waiting game, and ha, I'm not really enjoying it...but it's good that you kind of are!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting on three notoriously slow agents with fulls while simultaneously scrambling to finish my WIP before my birthday so I can start subbing it. :D I know one agent who's looking for this genre, and she already invited me to resubmit after rejecting FIREBRAND. So I'm excited.

Good luck with the subs! *fingers crossed*

P.S. Thanks so much for linking to my blog on your website!